5 reasons why you should use a baby monitor

By Baby Care List | Baby Monitor Advice

Nowadays, most parents are using baby monitors to keep an eye on their precious angel/prince. They choose the best and most advanced model without any doubt. Is that really necessary? Or maybe they could be wrong?

Assume for a moment, you don't have a monitor and would like to get yourself one. Which model will you buy then? The one which just wakes you up for the cries of the baby or the ones that can also alert you of any vital health signs of the baby going beyond healthy range, like heart rate?

Now, if you think of it then YES! You need more than a baby monitor that just gives you the alert about the cries. After all, how can you determine what is really going on with your baby?

Which model will you choose?

The one which wakes up next to the cot every time once the baby starts crying is just an audio baby monitor (more like a walkie-talkie).

Another one is the baby monitor which can help you sleep better by playing soothing music for the crying baby to go back to sleep and also keep an eye on the baby's room temperature and heart rate and oh did I mention Oxygen levels?

In fact, they can be quite handy if you are in a two-storied house and also for peace of mind when you bring your baby out to a doctor's appointment or by the grandparents.

What Functions Should I Expect From It?

There are so many different models available that it makes choosing the right one very difficult and we do understand the dilemma.

Our best advice is to let your needs match your choice.

If you wouldn't mind getting up every night throughout the night whenever baby cries to attend, then a basic audio monitor is good enough, and here is the best one in that.

If you would like to see the baby once you hear the sounds from the baby room but would like to check first visually from the comfort of your bed, then Video baby monitors are perfect for you. Let us recommend the best in this category too here.

However, for some reason, medically or otherwise, you would love to have complete baby vitals to be monitored and notified if it goes out of range, then smart baby monitors are perfect for you, and here is the leading one.

Now, let us find out the 5 reasons right here to use baby monitors.

1. Control 

One of the biggest reasons for using a baby monitor is to take control of each and every move your child makes so that even when you are absent from home or office, you are still in complete control of it.

2. Assurance

Many parents use Baby monitors just for the comfort that it gives that someone is keeping an eye on the child and will let you know if anything happens. This reassurance is helpful for stressed parents to catch some good long sleep without unnecessarily worrying about the baby.

3. Limitless 

The use of baby monitors is limitless, as long as your device is connected, it keeps checking the state of your kid for any abnormalities and notifies you about it.

4. Safe 

Baby monitors, when used properly, are the safest way to babysit your baby except there is no real babysitter. Parents can return to their normal lives as safe as possible within the comfort of your home.

5. Multi-utility

A baby monitor can be used for more than just babysitting, it can be used to keep an eye on your pets as well. It can also be used to keep an eye on elders who need monitoring due to age-related issues or even can be useful to keep tabs on your young kids while they are "supposedly" doing their homework 😉


If you’ve been thinking about adding a baby monitor to your parenting arsenal, or are just curious how they might be useful for other reasons, we hope this post has enlightened you. Why not try one out? We have an entire range of monitors that can suit any need and budget! What do the rest of our readers think? Have you found using a camera on your child helpful in any way? Let us know in comments.