Are Baby Car Mirrors Safe?

Are Baby Car Mirrors Safe

Baby car mirrors are super useful in your car, especially when you’re going for longer drives on your own, with only a baby in the back of your car. But with several shocking stories, the chances are you asked yourself are baby car mirrors safe after all?

While we have a full review of the best baby car mirrors you can get on the market with quality in mind, we’ll also show you the benefits of the baby car mirrors and share our knowledge and thoughts on certain design aspects (and flaws) of baby car mirrors. Therefore, whether you have a baby mirror or are about to get one, keep reading!

Are Baby Car Mirrors Safe?


Overall, baby car mirrors are safe. However, there is one thing you should be aware of. There isn’t a body that regulates or opposes guides on the design and safety of the baby car mirrors. With that in mind, it’s up to the manufacturer to come up with a design that will be the safest version of the product in their mind.

Without any regulations, there really isn’t a way to tell how safe one product is and what to expect from it in case of an accident, for example. That’s why it’s super important to pay attention to the manufacturer/brand and the quality of the materials used for the making of the baby mirror.

Luckily, many quality baby mirror manufacturers even crash-test their products. However, this isn’t something that’s typically done by all manufacturers. We believe that certain manufacturers might claim the product is crash-tested but have never been. That’s why we can’t stress enough how important it is to pay a lot of attention when choosing a baby mirror. If you currently have a baby mirror that has questionable quality, we highly recommend spending a bit more money to get a quality baby mirror, because it can make a huge difference in the unfortunate events of a crash.

Other than that, baby car mirrors are generally safe. Most quality baby car mirrors don’t feature standard glass, yet they use alternatives that won’t break in an accident, so they can’t harm the baby in the backseat.

But no matter what you’ve heard about baby car mirrors, they’re generally safe and you shouldn’t stray away. After all, it makes a huge difference to parents who are driving solo. No matter if it’s just to the store or on longer trips, having an eye on your baby is a must.

Benefits of Baby Car Mirrors for Parents


If you never used a baby mirror in your car, you might know the struggle of not being able to keep an eye on your baby in a safe way. And if you had the chance to use a baby car mirror, you probably never went back to driving without this accessory.

The biggest benefit of the baby car mirrors is the encouragement to the parents for the proper car seat use. Once you have a mirror and you know you’ll be able to have a look at your little one in a second, you won’t risk installing the baby car seat any differently.

Therefore, another big benefit is the improved visibility of your baby, even when it’s getting dark or at night. If you find yourself to be driving at night a lot, we recommend you look into car baby car mirrors that feature a night light. Such a night light is just enough for parents to keep an eye on the baby without blinding the little one.

Of course, safer drives are also another benefit parents gain since these mirrors can reduce distraction while offering a better view of the child in the car seat in the back. Lastly, one benefit that most parents overlook is the parent-child connection. When you look at your rearview mirror and if the baby looks at the mirror, locking eyes leads to building a much better connection. Of course, needless to say, the baby will also feel much better knowing you’re right there.

Can Baby Car Mirrors Cause Fire?


If you’ve been researching baby car mirrors, you might’ve noticed that there are many stories where parents warn others about the possible fire hazards of these products. The truth is, yes, certain car baby mirrors can cause a fire.

Considering that the mirror is aimed right at the car seat, it’s extremely dangerous to have the baby’s car seat caught on fire. On top of that, it would be very reckless to have such a powerful sun reflection projecting right onto the baby’s position.

The biggest issue here lies in the manufacturing of these products. As we’ve mentioned earlier, it can be hard to find a quality manufacturer since there’s no regulation in place and it’s up to the manufacturers to come up with the safest designs.

While many manufacturers ensure that the baby car mirror doesn’t act as a projectile in a car crash and that it won’t break and hurt the baby, ensuring that the baby car mirror isn’t a fire hazard is another important step of the process.

Baby mirrors that don’t rely on the typical mirror are the best choice because they don’t have the reflective power to cause a fire. However, it’s not a bad idea to put your baby mirror up to the test and ensure that it’s built with quality in mind. If you find out that your baby mirror isn’t safe, replace it or return it to the seller.


Are baby car mirrors safe? They are, but you have to be careful in the selection process. Luckily, we have reviewed, what we believe, to be the best baby car mirrors on the market so we can help you in the selection process.

If you already have a baby mirror, we highly recommend you test it out, especially for the fire hazard issues we’ve seen many parents have. We also highly recommend spending a bit more to invest in a quality baby car mirror to be on the safe side.

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