Are Baby Monitors really Safe to use? A Comprehensive Guide


There’s no doubt that every new parent should get a baby sleep monitor. We already know what they do – but how do baby monitors work in reality?

Baby monitors have been around for decades and with technological advancements – they’ve improved drastically.

There’s nothing wrong being curious about how baby monitors work. After all – we all want only the best for our babies, right?

You’re probably eyeing a couple of baby monitors already – but it’s always a great idea to do a bit more research.

In this post, you will find everything there is to know about baby monitors, but you will also learn whether they’re safe for the babies and why you should get one after all!

So keep on reading, because by the end of the post – you’ll feel a lot more confident in purchasing your first (or next) baby sleep monitor.

What is the Purpose of a Baby Monitor?

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Let’s be honest. Baby monitors can be confusing. After all, not everyone is great with technology.

But on the bright side – baby monitors aren’t hard to understand.

They often come as two devices that offer the ability to hear the audio from one monitor on the second monitor. Sometimes, baby monitors can even communicate together.

Therefore, one device is for parents and one device is for the baby’s room. This way, they enable parents to always hear what’s going on in the baby’s room.

This is super helpful at night or when the baby is having an afternoon nap. Since most baby monitors are really lightweight and compact – some parents keep them on all day – even when the baby is playing in its room.

Even though they all work on the same principle – there are hundreds of baby monitor manufacturers.

Therefore, with different models being available on the market – functions will differ a bit. And depending on the budget you can spend on the new baby monitor – your next monitor might come with either basic features or with some advanced features.

But how do baby monitors work? It’s a question that gets asked quite a lot and yet no one seems to respond directly to it. Keep on reading to find out the answer!

How do Baby Monitors Work?

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Baby monitors transmit radio waves from the unit with a microphone to the unit with a speaker.

The unit with a microphone is always the baby unit which is placed in the baby’s room while the speaker is the parent’s unit that oftentimes works on the battery and can be taken anywhere within the range.

However, with technological advancements – we even see baby monitors that are able to use the WiFi connection to transmit the sound. There are even baby monitors that can transmit the image and/or even measure the temperature in the baby’s room.

And as we’ve mentioned earlier, some baby monitors can provide a 2-way talk feature in which case the baby monitors take upon the function of a walkie-talkie.

If you’re interested in baby monitors that can transmit the image – you should know that they’re also called baby cams.

But are baby monitors safe for babies? After all, there are radio waves involved and we, as parents, are supposed to place one of the devices in the baby room.

Are Baby Monitors Safe for Babies?

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One of the most important questions is if baby monitors are safe for our babies, right?

Baby monitors might seem like a great idea, but if it comes with a cost for the baby’s health – most parents wouldn’t even consider them.

The long answer short – yes, baby monitors are safe for babies.

But what’s the long answer?

Since baby monitors are transmitting electromagnetic frequencies – it’s not recommended to pair them with other devices that also transmit electromagnetic frequencies.

Why is this important?

If the baby’s room is equipped with multiple devices that transmit electromagnetic frequencies – there is a high possibility to exceed the recommended limit that a child can absorb.

So as long as you ensure that your baby’s room is free of too many electrical devices that transmit frequencies – you can use a baby monitor without a worry.

After all, baby monitors wouldn’t be approved and they wouldn’t be sold if they were dangerous, right?

So Should You Get a Baby Monitor?

Where to Mount a Baby Monitor Camera

Let’s face the truth.

Baby monitors make every parent’s day & night easier. And since baby monitors aren’t dangerous – there’s no reason not to get a baby monitor.

But how do you go about choosing a baby monitor?

Other than putting a certain budget aside, there’s one more important thing to keep in mind.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s the range.

Since one baby monitor will be placed in the baby’s room – the other monitor will be carried by a parent.

Some parents even consider the wall thickness when they’re looking into the range of the baby monitor.

And believe us when we say this.

No matter which baby monitor you get – as long as it works properly, you’ll love it.


Because they simplify already stressful parents’ life.

And no matter how much baby monitors cost – they should be considered as a valuable investment.

Once you think about them from this standpoint of view – you might even consider going for more advanced baby monitor models.

But we believe that everyone should move at their own pace. Therefore, if you aren’t a big fan of technology – keeping it standard and simple is the best way to go forward!


Did you ever have the chance to see a baby monitor in action?

They’re really one of the most convenient and useful devices a parent can have.

If you’re not a parent – just think about the value the parents would get if they received a baby monitor as a gift.

We do our best to cover all types of baby monitors and review them in a way to help parents know exactly what to look out for.

Therefore, if you need any help – feel free to read our review posts.

What do you think about baby monitors? Do you understand how do baby monitors work?

If you do, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment down below. If you don’t – we’d appreciate it if you would share this post!

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