Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro Review


Keeping baby bottles sterilized is super important since babies, especially newborns, will have a much harder time fighting bacteria as their immune systems are only building up. Luckily, instead of relying on various homemade methods, we have washers that can help sterilize the bottles for us.

This is very convenient for the parents but it’s also the safest way for babies to enjoy their bottles. Baby Brezza Pro bottle washer is one of the best products on the market, and while it’s a bit pricey, the investment is very well worth it, especially knowing you’ll have peace of mind. Therefore, here’s our hands-on Baby Brezza bottle washer Pro review, so let’s break it down!

Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro Review


The best thing about Baby Brezza bottle washer Pro is that it isn’t only made for the convenience of the parents, but it’s also made to improve the safety up to the highest standards for our little ones.

It’s All Automated

The best thing about Baby Brezza bottle washer Pro is that it’s fully automated so once you place the bottle in, it takes care of everything from washing, cleaning, sterilization, and even drying.

The moment you place the bottle inside this machine, there is nothing else you need to do. Of course, apart from the basic maintenance and adding of the detergent tablets, there’s no manual labor to cleaning the bottles. This is something that attracts many parents, so it’s a big plus knowing that your baby will have a 100% sterilized and safe bottle to use.

Knowing that you might not be able to sterilize the bottle the way this machine can do is still a good thing to know, so you can delegate and let the machine handle it for you for the best of everyone involved.

Cleaning Up to the Highest Standard

Baby Brezza bottle washer Pro can kill 99.9% of germs using natural steam and high temperatures. HEPA filters that are included in the washer help dry the bottle using air as well, so essentially this machine is all about the hot air and using filtered steam that’s free of germs to get the job done.

6 modes help clean the bottles up to the highest standard. As a parent, you only need to pop in the bottle and choose one of the 6 available presets:

  • Wash, sterilize, dry
  • Wash & dry
  • Sterilize & dry
  • Sterilize only
  • Dry only

This way, if you still prefer washing the baby bottles yourself, you can do so. Afterwards, pop the bottle into the Baby Brezza bottle washer Pro let it sterilize, and dry the bottle for you.

Easy to Use and Friendly Design

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Another great thing about the Baby Brezza bottle washer Pro is that it’s not going to take over your kitchen counter. Being compact and yet powerful enough are some of the benefits, but what’s also great is that you won’t be stuck reading the manual over and over again.

Instead, this washer is fairly easy to use and it has a friendly design where you only need to learn how to pop the bottle in the washer, and which buttons you should use to select your wanted cleaning mode.

Two built-in tanks are easy to remove. One tank is for clean water while the other one is for dirty water. There are even wheels for easy turning of the bottles once they’re placed inside the washer. The best thing is that you can fill up the water tank yourself so you won’t need any plumbing to attach the water line to this machine. Also, this machine will help save you water as it uses 50% less water than if you wash the bottles by hand.

Suitable for Almost Any Bottle

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We’ve mentioned the available presets earlier, but we should also mention that this compact washer can still hold up to 4 bottles at a time, saving you time and ensuring that you don’t run through detergent tablets so quickly. The washer can handle sippy cups, baby bottles, pump parts, and even accessories.

The only thing you can’t wash using this washer is the breast pump, straw cups, and Nanobebe breastmilk bottles. One thing you should keep in mind is that this washer only works with Baby Brezza detergent tablets.

While you can wash almost any baby bottle using this machine, you will need to rely on the Baby Brezza detergent tablets. This shouldn’t be an issue since you can buy these tablets on the go, and for things to be even better, Baby Brezza includes 60 tablets with a washer. This way, you’re set for many uses right from the start.

Great Value to Price Ratio

Even though this washer isn’t very cheap and it’s an investment, it’s worth the price because of the value it provides. It’s built with quality in mind, it’s made to be suitable for almost any baby bottle a parent could have, and it even includes 60 detergent tablets so you have nothing else to think of.

With the friendly design and ease of use, you still have plenty of choice on how you’d like to wash the bottles. If you still prefer washing the bottles yourself but love the sterilizing feature of this washer, this is something you can combine. But talking with parents and knowing ourselves, our guess is not many parents will use a bottle brush ever again!


Baby Brezza bottle washer Pro is a lifesaver that makes an excellent investment for parents who care about their baby’s health. Not only is this machine super convenient and useful for the parents, but it’s the sterilization feature that matters the most.

Being able to kill 99.9% of germs, this machine will keep your little ones safe in the most important moments of their life, giving them a chance to build a strong immune system.

What is your favorite thing about the Baby Brezza bottle washer Pro and why?

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