Baby Car Mirrors: A Guide

Top 3 Baby Car Mirrors

Shynerk Baby car mirror

Rank # 1 

Shynerk Reflective Baby Car Mirror with Shatterproof Glass

Munchkin Baby Car mirror

Rank # 2

Munchkin Video Baby Car Mirror with Remote and Night Lights

Ittomoro Baby Car Mirror

Rank # 3

Itomoro Video Baby Car Mirror with HD + Night vision

If you have a lot of driving to do with a baby, You know the pain of keeping an eye on baby as well as Road without compromising the safety of either!

It doesn’t take much to imagine the stress of feeling that compulsion to look back at your baby while driving… Even a small sound will distract you!

However, with Baby Car Mirror, driving independently with a baby to take care in the care gets much easier.

What are Baby Car Mirrors? Why Do you need one?

Driving a car with a baby in the backseat is fine. But the anxious feeling of checking on baby multiple times back while driving (when your eyes should be on the road!) is dangerous.

Baby Car Mirror is designed by parents just like us who wanted something simple yet effective for keeping an eye on their children from the front seat of the car – without having to turn back, every time.

This is especially resourceful when you are trying not to disturb your sleeping child or if they are fussing in their car seat.

The benefits of using Baby Car Mirror

With Baby Car Mirror, there won’t be any more stress about whether or not your baby is safe and sound while riding in the car with you.

  • Check if the baby is sleeping so you wont disturb by putting on music at same time.
  • Check if baby is feeling OK
  • Reassure and engage the baby if you feel safe with a smile if the baby is getting irritated. Two-way communication.

Types of Baby Car Mirrors

1. Reflective type Baby Car Mirrors

reflective baby car mirror

  • Simple Mirrors between rear mirror and another mirror near the baby.
  • Usually needs Baby to be positioned in opposite direction in a baby car seat and baby side mirror on back seat headrest.
  • No electronics involved. Works on simple reflection.
  • 2, Video Based Baby Car Mirror

    video baby car mirror

  • Uses Camera and display system
  • Baby can be positioned facing the road forward and baby side display unit on backside of driver / passenger side headrest.
  • AV Cables involved with sometimes remote control for various functions control
  • Another display unit for parent on the driver’s dashboard
  • Can be usually powered using car’s power point (usually referred as charging point or Smoker’s lighter point)
  • Pros and Cons of different Mirrors

    1. Reflective Baby Car Mirror


    • Easy to Install
    • Easy to use / Remove / Re-Install
    • No Cables involved
    • No Power needed


    • If not properly fixed, mirror might go out of focus while driving
    • No additional features such as soothing lights, music etc., 

    2. Video Baby Car Mirror


    • High Quality view of Baby
    • Possibility of Soothing Lights
    • Possibility of Soothing Music


    • Tangling Cables if not laid properly 
    • Dependency on Electricity and Technology

    Choosing your Right Baby Car Mirror [Checklist]

    • Always buy Shatterproof Glass products
    • Buy Branded one for Baby’s Safety; Look at number of review ratings and also average rating value
    • While buying Reflective Car mirror, Avoid ones with thick borders / frames.
    • Buy a wider Baby car mirror. Do not buy small mirrors as during driving a smallest shake might leave the mirror out of baby’s focus for a long time.
    • Ensure good quality mirrors are used to avoid distortion of images to you or the baby. Especially baby needs to see life like image of you.
    • More Degree of Freedom in rotation, better for fixing at desired angle. Also it needs to stay at desired angle.
    • While buying Video Baby Car Mirror, check properly if the display unit can be firmly fixed on car dashboard / Windshield using suction cup or double sided tape.
    • Remember – Soothing lights and Music are optional for Baby’s safety. Most important is visibility of Baby while driving. 


    Are Baby Car Mirrors safe?

    Baby Car Mirrors are relatively safe and only risk is breaking of glass in the case of reflective Baby Car Mirrors, which can be mitigated by buying Baby Car Mirror with Shatterproof Glass.

    Are Baby Car Mirrors necessary?

    Baby Car Mirrors are found to remove the unnecessary anxiety that might be there for parents (especially when they are driving solo) to check on Baby while driving. Some scary stories such as Baby choking on a bottle cap over internet might make you go concerned. But ultimately, it your gut instinct which should guide on necessity. Although the reflective Baby Car mirror ones are relatively very inexpensive to try!

    How to Install Baby Car Mirror?

    Each Baby Car Mirror has different, but very easy installation styles and please refer to the individual installation instructions that come with product box. 

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