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Regalo Baby safety Gate

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Regalo Baby Safety Gate

Safety 1st baby safety gate

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Safety 1st Baby Gate

Easy Baby Retractable Safety gate

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EasyBaby Retractable

When you are a new parent, even your home can feel like a minefield of unsafe conditions! Especially when the little one has just started moving around!!

The baby could move the furniture hitting him/herself, the baby could touch a dangling wire, an electric socket, hell, even a plastic bag reels your mind into endless possibilities. 

And we are yet to talk about Stairs and Doors!

Unfortunately, there are many areas in your home that can be dangerous for children.

Places like stairs and doorways may not seem as alarming at first glance but they pose a risk to babies who might knock them down without even realizing what happened!

If you have an infant or toddler with wanderlust at home, it’s important considering baby safety gates which can create safe, playing areas for babies and you can be worry free at home while doing household work.

Oddly enough, there are many types and varieties of Baby safety gates available, that if you start googling them, you would have spent hours before you realize you need some guidance to buy the right one.

Babycarelist was born out of such necessity and understanding of pain every parent faces in today’s world…

Distraction and Chaos!

We do the research for you and present it in understandable manner with recommendations of the best ones (with reasons) so you can pick the right one and the best one!

So let’s get on to cover the basics first.


What are Baby Safety Gates?

Baby Safety gates (or baby gates) are the mini gates which can be installed inside the home to restrict the movement of a toddler who has started moving and exploring the home. The movements are needed to be restricted for safety and also sometimes for some quite time for parents away from baby while doing chores.

Generally referred as the safety gates, they are also sometimes used as pet safety gates and there might be very little variation depending on the use. 

For our research purposes, we are only focusing on baby safety gates and any safety gates that could be used for both babies and pets.

What makes a Good Baby Safety Gate?

Following are general guidelines that can be taken into consideration while selecting a good Baby safety gate.

  • Height shall be 28 to 34 inches
  • Availability of extenders to fit all frames sizes required at home
  • Walk-through door is preferable but with a baby-proof lock mechanism (multi-point lock or Multi-lock)
  • Relevant for usage (for example, pressure mounted for door frames and portable)
  • Material used certified for ASTM standards
  • Recommended to use JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) approved products

At what age you should start and stop using Baby safety gate?

Usually Parents need safety gates within 6 months to 2 years of baby’s age.

Most importantly, it is the need and usefulness that gives the right indication to parent to start or stop using safety gate.

When Baby starts crawling all over, use safety gates to protect hazardous places from access.

When your child is capable of pushing the gate down, stop using it. Because the false sense of safety when the child can overpower it is more dangerous. 

Types of Safety Gates

Not all Safety Gates everybody’s safety needs.

Selection of Safety Gates should be based on the nature of use and child.

There are 3 Basic types of Safety Gates

1. Freestanding Baby Safety Gates

Ideal for outdoor usage such a creating a safe playing space for the child, freestanding baby gates are popular not basically to access restriction, but to create a barrier.

Freestanding baby safety gates are not recommended for hard access such as stairs.

2, Pressure / Hardware Mounted

Pressure mounted gates needs to be hand tightened on door frame or walls and locked on position.

Hardware mounted calls for drilling the wall and fixing it even more firmly.

Both are equally proven however, it is recommended to go for hardware mounted if you have a grown up child with a chances of overpowering normal safety gates.

3. Retractable

It is used in rare cases and usually for controlling access to out of the house such as swimming pool, Main doors etc., This type of door needs to be fixed using anchors on one side and the gate usually be rolled up / retracted and will be used only when necessary. Usually these gates will made of fabric and not from hard material.

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