Best Baby Car Mirror – Versatile and Affordable

Best baby car mirror

Having to keep an eye on the road while keeping an eye out on your little one can be a struggle. The easiest solution to this struggle is the best baby car mirror. Instead of having to figure out a different way to place a baby’s car seat in the car, the answer lies in this simple product.

A baby car mirror is a little device you can easily attach to the rear headrest. You get to set it up in a way to see your baby in the mirror reflection, right of the existing rear-view mirror in your car. The setup might seem complicated, but trust us, it’s fairly easy.

Instead of having to turn back and check on your little one, where each try is a struggle – instead, you can set a baby car mirror in place and never struggle again. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

Down below, we’ll show you how to choose the best baby car mirror, but also review some of the best mirrors we’ve experienced so far, so let’s break it down!

Must-Have Features for the Best Baby Car Mirror

Best baby car mirror

Since baby car mirror provides the best way to view the backseat, there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to in order to get the best baby car mirror that won’t let you down during your drives.

It’s important to know that a baby car mirror isn’t just any mirror. It’s designed for use near babies so it’s 100% safe and it’s designed and built in a way to provide the best features for the parent while keeping the baby safe.

Therefore, when you’re looking for a new baby car mirror, here are things you should pay attention to:

  • Installation/attachment
  • Adjustability
  • Size
  • Safety

Installation and attachment style are the first things you should look out for. Some baby car mirrors attach by straps, which is the most common way, while others attach with the help of adjustable arms. Both options are decent, but we’ve noticed that baby car mirrors with straps are more secure and prone to rattling when driving on rough terrain. This aspect is also important to consider if you use more than one car. Switching baby car mirrors between cars should be a breeze and once you set it up, it’s a matter of swapping it from one car’s headrest to another.

Adjustability should be quick, simple, and easy. It should allow you to set up your baby’s car mirror without having to adjust your car’s rearview mirror to compensate for the baby’s car mirror’s angle. Most baby car mirrors come with a swivel feature so you can easily adjust the angle and lock it in place. This is super important because every car is different and you want to have a very accurate reflection.

Every baby car mirror is made differently and size is the third thing you should consider. Quality baby car mirrors offer a panoramic view thanks to the convex design so you can have a generous view on your little one. This type of baby car mirror is slightly more expensive but is worth every dollar. Smaller mirrors will do just fine but tend to make your peeks longer as you take your eyes off the road.

Safety is the last but not least important aspect. In the case of an accident, a baby car mirror shouldn’t break and shatter. Almost all baby car mirrors are shatter-proof and are built using the highest quality materials so they provide the highest level of safety for your little one in the back.

Therefore, it’s not the best idea to go for the cheapest option on the market. While it visually looks decent, its design, build, and safety might not be up to the highest standard. But now that you know what to look for in the best baby car mirror, check out our tests of 5 best mirrors which could make your decision much easier!

Best Baby Car Mirror

Choosing the baby car mirror

With so many baby car mirrors on the market, choosing the one can be difficult. By now, you know what to look for in a mirror and we’ll show you some of the best mirrors that impressed us with information on what impressed us the most, so let’s break it down to make your choice easier!

Lusso Gear Baby Backseat Mirror

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If you’re looking for a way to easily keep an eye on the baby with an easy setup, the Lusso Gear baby backseat mirror is a great choice. Have you ever had a bad experience with backseat mirrors that just don’t stay in place? That’s not the case with this one.

Lusso’s backseat mirror is easy to set up thanks to the quick and easy installation process, which only involves a couple of steps and it can be done in a minute or less. The installation process is very simple and the only way to attach this backseat mirror is by strapping it onto the rear seat’s headrest. The adjustable straps make the installation suitable for any type of car or truck, and when you set it up once, you won’t ever have to adjust it, even if you use one backseat mirror between cars you drive.

Getting the angle right is easy thanks to the panoramic view which gives you a wide viewing angle of your baby. A great way to prove this baby car mirror is built to last is by adding a lifetime warranty, and that’s exactly what you get with the purchase.

JoyDow Baby Car Mirror with Night Light

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Baby car mirrors are a great thing, but how do you keep an eye on your little one when you’re driving in the dark? JoyDow is a great solution to this. This baby car mirror is a regular baby car mirror with a night light attachment integrated into the design.

Besides the night light integration, you also get a remote which you can use distraction-free while driving, to ensure your baby is illuminated. You also get a choice between low-light and full-light illumination. This feature helps illuminate the baby’s face and body without blinding the baby in the back of the car and it’s a much better option than having a rear light on.

What’s also interesting about the JoyDow baby car mirror is that it was crash-tested and the results are excellent. The shatterproof design keeps babies safe even in the event of a crash and the installation process ensures that the mirror stays in place in case of a car accident, but also during minor issues such as speed bumps, potholes, and more.

This baby car mirror is super simple to install and once installed, you can transfer it to another car without having to do any further installation. The installation kit comes with a strap that attaches to the headrest, but what’s also making it super simple to install is the mirror’s ability to turn 360 degrees. This way, you always get the right angle to keep an eye on your little one.

Tazeni Baby Car Mirror With Hook Design

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While most baby car mirrors come with a strap as a choice of installation type, the Tazeni baby car mirror is installed with hook clips. The installation process is still simple enough and the only thing you need to do is attach the hook clips to the headrest’s posts. With the firm hook grip (made of metal), the stability is one of the best we’ve seen and you won’t have to worry about it falling off during your drives.

The setup is a little bit easier and faster than the strap versions, and once you install it, you’ll have a clear view of the baby in the back, thanks to the mirror that also features magnification. The magnification is a great addition to a baby car mirror so you can see your baby at a quick glance without having to focus your vision too much onto the mirror itself.

With a 360-degree rotatable design and a broader view, you won’t need long to get the angle right before you set on your first drive.

Shynerk Digital Baby Car Mirror

511D7rPvvlL. SL500

Baby car mirror is often a standard mirror that can come with additional features such as a night light or magnification. But it wasn’t until Shynerk took it to the next step by providing a digital solution.

Shynerk is a digital baby car mirror that comes with a small monitor you can put on your car’s dashboard and a small camera that you install on the headrest of a rear seat. This is a much safer option because you won’t have to stare into the rearview mirror for a couple of seconds trying to see in the back of the car using two mirrors.

Instead, Shynerk makes things simpler so the only thing you need to do is check out the small monitor which is much easier and safer to use to keep an eye on your little one in the back. The installation process might take a little while since the camera is wired, but once you get it done, it’s much simpler in the long run and you also get a much better view of the baby.

The camera is prone to shaking and vibration so you’ll always keep an eye on your baby in a good quality image, and at night, you’ll also get a good view thanks to the camera’s LED light integration.

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

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If you’re not into digital stuff and you’re just looking for a reliable and quality baby car mirror, Shynerk also has a mirror option. This is a standard baby car mirror but it’s built following the highest quality standard.

Therefore, this baby car mirror was crash tested and it’s safe to say it’s shatterproof in the case of an accident. Yet the biggest gain is the wide view so you will get to see much more of your baby than with a simple standard mirror.

The installation process is as simple as tightening straps is and you won’t have to worry about the angles since the mirror is equipped with a 360-degree swivel. Another great thing about this mirror is that it fits most cars and trucks due to its universal design so you won’t have any issues using it more than one car after the installation. That being said, it’s one of the most ideal and quickest mirrors you can install in your car.


Baby car mirrors are a great solution to the inability to keep an eye on your baby while driving. It might not happen often, but there are times when you and your little one need to go for a drive without having anyone else in the car.

With one of these baby car mirrors, you can save yourself the trouble and worries of not knowing if your baby is okay in the back of the car. Whether you go for a standard mirror, a widescreen mirror, or even a digital option (which is the best choice in our opinion), just pay attention to the durability and quality of these products.

All of the mirrors we’ve reviewed in this post are shatterproof, durable, and are tested for crash conditions and scenarios. With that being said, you won’t go wrong by getting any of these mirrors. Considering the price, they’re affordable knowing how much value they provide to the parents.

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