Best Baby Monitor for Camping

Best Baby Monitor for Camping

Ensuring the baby’s comfort and safety when camping is a priority. Camping with a baby is possible with a quality baby monitor for camping. These baby monitors are an invaluable piece of tech that allows parents to enjoy the outdoors without compromising their baby’s safety.

Some of the most modern baby monitors offer features to help parents with the unpredictable conditions of camping. These features include extended range, night vision, weather-resistant build and design, longer battery life, and more.

Not any baby monitor will be ideal for camping, and if you’re preparing for camping, you’re in luck. Down below, we’ll show you some of the best monitors you can take camping, but also how to ensure you find and choose a good one, so keep on reading!

How to Choose a Baby Monitor for Camping

Choosing a baby monitor for camping

A baby monitor for camping needs to include a couple of additional features and be resistant to camping conditions. Therefore, it’s important to consider the following factors before choosing a baby monitor for camping:

  • Environment
  • Range and connectivity
  • Battery life
  • Portability and setup
  • Additional features

The camping environment can vary so it’s important to consider your camping ground. Is it a forested area or are you visiting mountainous terrains? Understanding your camping environment and considering it when purchasing a baby monitor will help you choose a model that’s resistant to outdoor conditions. We love camping and we recommend finding a baby monitor that is weather-resistant so it can withstand dust, moisture, and even rain.

Standard home monitors don’t come with a big range, but monitors for camping do, and paying attention to the range will help you achieve a longer range, allowing you to stay a bit further from your baby and still have fun camping.

Since you won’t be near an outlet, choosing a baby monitor with a longer battery life can help you rest assured that the monitor will help you stay connected with your little one throughout the night. We find baby camera monitors with USB-C charging ports useful because you can charge these using a portable power bank. That’s one of the tips that can change the way you use baby monitors outside the home without worrying about the power.

If you’re taking a baby monitor camping, it should be lightweight so you can carry it easily, robust so it doesn’t break easily, and easy to set up. If a baby monitor requires very minimal setup time, you’ll have more time to enjoy the outdoors. Also, ensuring that you have a way to mount the baby monitor and thinking it through ahead of your camping is a good thing to do.

Additional features can include night vision, temperature sensors, sound activation, and two-way audio. All of these are useful and we highly recommend them. Having a night vision will allow you to not only hear but also see your little one. The two-way talk will allow you to communicate with your baby no matter how far away you get outside. The temperature sensor is very useful to have so you know your baby isn’t freezing in the tent, and paying attention to the range will also help you keep your distance without disturbing the baby, and still manage to have fun.

Best Baby Monitor for Camping

If you’re struggling to find a quality baby monitor for camping, here are our best picks that include all the useful features we’ve mentioned earlier. This way, you won’t have to worry if you made the right choice, yet you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors, no matter the terrain and weather conditions.

HelloBaby Baby Monitor

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HelloBaby is one of the most advanced baby monitors that comes with many features that make it one of the most ideal baby monitors for camping. This baby monitor comes with a 5” screen unit and a camera that can rotate 355 degrees.

The camera unit comes with infrared night vision and 2-way audio for baby monitoring. The night vision is very crisp and you won’t need any other light source to keep an eye on your little one, even when you’re camping. At the same time, the night vision won’t disrupt the baby, so the feature can be used throughout the night, or only on occasions when you’re checking in on the baby.

Setting up is very easy and we chose this exact model for camping because it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection to stay connected. This increases its portability and allows you to easily set it up wherever you decide to camp.

Other advanced and smart features include 8 lullabies, a temperature sensor with an alert function, a sound level LED indicator, an audio-only mode for battery saving, and the ability to connect up to 4 HelloSmart cameras.

When it comes to battery, HelloSmart’s monitor’s battery lasts for up to 30 hours. If you decide to rely on audio-only mode, you can extend the battery for longer. With such a long battery life, you’ll also get much more freedom camping thanks to the 1000ft range that doesn’t require teh Wi-Fi connection. Considering the price tag, this smart baby monitor makes a great investment to make your camping much more enjoyable.

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor

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Anmeate video baby monitor is a robust baby monitor that comes with a smaller video unit and a high-quality camera that allows a great range, long battery life, and a few advanced features to make your camping stress-free.

Even though this video baby monitoring unit comes with a smaller 2.4”, it is a high-quality color screen that delivers a lag-free live stream whenever you check in. The monitoring unit also has a 2x zoom function so you can really get up close, even if you’re a bit further away from the baby.

The greatest thing about this high-quality camera is that it includes night vision. With night vision that features 8 infrared LEDs, Anmeate allows you to constantly monitor your baby even in the pitch dark. 8 LEDs are more than enough to have a clear view of your baby as if the room light is on, yet LEDs won’t disrupt your baby’s sleep.

Another useful feature for camping is a great range of 960 feet, meaning you won’t have to stay as close and you’ll still get a decent signal. From a distance, you can take advantage of some very useful features like two-way talk so your baby can hear your soothing voice at all times or even play one of 4 integrated lullabies.

A high-capacity battery will ensure you get at least 8 hours of use in eco mode without having to sacrifice the video feature. From additional features, you’ll also find voice activation, sound-activated LED indicator, alarm/timer setting, pan/tilt options, and expandability of up to 4 cameras. There’s also auto scan, which we found useful, and an easy mounting option, ideal for a camping setup.

VTech VM819

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VTech is one of the most reliable companies that specialize in the production of baby monitors, and VM819 is a good choice if you’re on a budget but want top-notch quality. VTech is known for using some of the best batteries on the market, which means that the VM819 baby monitor lasts for up to 19 hours on a full charge.

Making it ideal for camping, VTech ensures that this specific model comes with a range of 1,000 feet so you can stay connected with your baby even from a distance during camping. Since there’s no Wi-Fi and app pairing required, this increases the portability and versatility of this baby monitor. It also helps make set-up much easier than some other baby monitors you can find on the market, which is crucial when you’re camping.

A 2.8” display provides full sight of your baby in both day and night conditions, thanks to the integrated infrared LED that provides bright visuals in pitch black without disrupting your little one in its sleep. If your baby is fussy during camping, there are integrated soothing lullabies, as well as a 2-way talk feature that helps you talk to your baby as if you’re there.

With the auto-on screen feature, you can sit by the fire without the monitoring unit’s screen being on the whole time. The indicator will turn on the screen if there’s any movement or sound at the baby’s location. Lastly, a temperature sensor will ensure you know your baby is comfortable and warm, no matter where you go camping.

Motorola PIP10 Audio Baby Monitor

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If you’re not a big fan of video baby monitoring units, Motorola PIP10 is an audio version that makes camping much easier.

Motorola relies on DECT technology, which provides a strong and consistent connection where you get to control the volume to listen to your little ones as if you were right there next to them. What’s also specific about the PIP10 audio baby monitor is its range. You can get a very quality reception for up to 1,000 feet, helping you still have fun while camping without having to stay too close to the baby.

The monitoring unit is very portable and durable and it’s powered by two AA batteries. If you’re going camping, just bring backup batteries, and you won’t have to worry about charging any of these units during your free time.

There’s absolutely no Wi-Fi needed, which makes set-up a plug-and-play style that has no learning curve. The only thing that this baby monitor is missing is a two-way talk feature, as well as some advanced features such as integrated lullabies. However, to make up for this, you can grab this audio baby monitor for a very affordable price, making it a great pick for camping purposes when a regular baby monitor at home just can’t meet the camping needs.

Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby Monitor

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You can’t ever overprepare for your camping trip so Owlet Dream Duo is the smartest baby monitor any parent would like to bring on their trip.

This smart baby monitor is equipped with the most advanced and high-end features you will have a hard time finding in other baby monitors. As a result, parents can get absolute peace of mind whenever they go camping. Keep in mind that this baby monitor is also ideal for home use, and other purposes.

The unique thing about this baby monitor is that it comes with a sock, which you put on a baby just like any regular sock. However, this smart sock can measure real-time health readings and send timely notifications whenever the baby needs attention. With that said, you can track readings such as live pulse rate, oxygen rate, wakings, sleep trends, and more.

With a combination of such readings, the Owlet app that works with the Dream Duo smart monitor will notify you when you’re needed. You can also check on your baby yourself within the app. Besides readings, you will also have the most common features such as sound and motion notifications, cry notifications, room temperature, humidity sensor, background audio, two-way audio, 1080p HD secure video transmission, and more.

Even when you’re back from camping, you can use the Dream Duo smart baby monitor to track your baby’s sleep trends, gaining valuable insights over time. Being one of the smartest baby monitors we ever saw, the price is a bit steep, but we believe is well worth it considering the amount of advanced technology it includes, and the peace of mind you get from this monitor.


Paying attention to the key factors we’ve mentioned is crucial, and these include durability, battery life, connectivity, and range, among others. Of course, robust models that can withstand outdoor conditions make a perfect baby monitor for camping.

However, choosing any of the baby monitors we’ve reviewed for the camping purpose will be a great fit and will provide you with everything you need to stay connected over greater distances and have a clear view of your baby even in the pitch black.

What is your favorite baby monitor for camping and why?

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