Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents; A Roundup of selected ones


We are so lucky to be in this generation of existence.

21st Century saw the unprecedented development of consumer market and industrial revolution surely is the biggest contributor.

Today, many things have become possible which was branded to be impossible to achieve in as near past as 50 years.

Some of the inventions and developments are luxury; but some of them were life saving, some life altering and some life enhancing.

Baby Monitors and their adoption by parents are increasing by time due to technological advances to help better.

One of such technological advance is Baby monitor for deaf parents.

Deaf parents (either of them or both of them), face real challenges during their initial days of parenthood where they need to be alert 24 x 7 to cater the needs of baby since they are unable to hear the sounds of the baby if they are away.

This is literally sensory overload!

This puts a profound amount of stress on deaf parents as they do not get rest and sleep to such an extent which is required for better management of situation.

Baby Monitors for deaf parents are boon to the society which gives equal opportunity to deaf parents to enjoy parenthood similar to normal parents. 

Now, Deaf parents' Baby monitors needs a different set of techniques to grab attention of the deaf parent to attend the needs of baby.

Must Features for Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

The objective of this article is to help hearing challenged parents to lead a stress-free life while enjoying the parenting phase of their life to the fullest while ensuring security and comfort of their baby.

Below are 4 Must-have features for any Baby monitor to be able to better serve the deaf parents:

1. Visual Cues

Visual cues are the most important aspect of the Baby Monitor for deaf parents. 

Below inputs are the most recommended Visual cues:

a. Baby Video live feed (Resolution such as HD helps)

b. Baby Room Ambient Temperature Monitoring

2. Vibration (Cues beyond Audio-visual)

Vibration is deaf parent's best friend when dealing with an infant.

The idea is to be able to sleep better knowing that you will be woken up by the help of technology if baby needs your attention.

3. Portability of Parent Unit

Hearing disability provides challenge in terms of being able to hear distant sounds be it baby crying or any other noise in baby room.

Portability of Parent unit of baby monitor combined with vibration feature allows Deaf parents being alerted at approriate time.

Nowadays Wearable technologies make this even better and easier.

4. Security of Communication Channel

With creepy stories of some hackers being able to takeover the control of camera and speakers in baby monitor, it is very scary and concering that the hackability of the baby monitor shall be checked especially by deaf parents before buying.

Here we have 2 recommendations:

1. Avoid  Wifi Baby Monitors (Not possible all time; below point helps better)

2. Buy Baby monitors with DECT / other types of encyption.

Nominations for Best Baby Monitor for Auditory challlenged Parents

At Baby Care List, we alway strive towards making buying decisions easier and better for parents when it comes to their Babies.

We take extreme care while selecting and recommending any good Baby Monitor as we understand it's importance.

In continuation to our efforts, we have done our part of research and found below Baby monitors to be chosen for final round of investigation against above 4 features and present here so the parents can make better, and informed decision.

Nanit Plus 

Smart Baby Monitor

Meets all our criteria

613KlflDtuL. SL1500

Infant Optics DXR-8

Video Baby Monitor

Meets all our criteria except Vibration

61gN8a%2BPpVL. SL1500

VTech DM221

Audio Baby Monitor

Meets all our criteria except Video

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