Best Baby Monitors for Multiple Rooms

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If you’re trying to keep an eye on your twins or if you like to get your baby used to multiple beds and rooms, baby monitors for multiple rooms are something you’ll need. With such monitors, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your baby without having to carry one monitor everywhere you go.

Instead, you can set two (or more) monitors in the rooms or around the house and only carry your little one, instead of having to carry the monitor as well. Down below, we’ll show you some of the best baby monitors for multiple rooms that showed great results at the tests, so let’s break it down!

How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor for Multiple Rooms

Baby monitor on a wall without drilling

Choosing the baby monitor requires a bit of tech knowledge. If you don’t have any, there’s nothing to worry about because we got you. Now, when it comes down to choosing a baby monitor for multiple rooms, there are a couple more things for consideration. Therefore, here’s what to pay attention to when you’re choosing your next best baby monitor for multiple rooms.

  • Type
  • Video quality
  • Monitor features
  • Adjustability
  • Additional features

The most important thing when to consider is the type. Usually, baby monitors come with one audio/video unit and one monitoring unit. Now, if you want to have a baby monitor that fits multiple rooms, you’ll need a product that includes two or more recording units. This means that you want to get a baby monitor that comes with multiple cameras. This way, you can set them up in your rooms and never have to transfer them to another room.

When you nail down the correct baby monitor type, video quality is the next most important thing to pay attention to. Cheaper baby monitors include mediocre video quality combined with decent audio quality. That’s why investing in a baby monitor that features 720p or even 1080p video quality is a good choice and it’s something we highly recommend. This way, you’ll have a much sharper image with better attention to even the tiniest details.

Every monitor is different and it includes certain features. One of the best features to have, if you have two babies, is a split-screen feature. This allows you to see both cameras simultaneously on one monitor. This can help save you time from switching back and forth between the cameras. There are all sorts of features, depending on the company and the brand, so it’s worth looking into the features and what features might fit your needs.

Adjustability is also an important factor for both the monitoring unit and the cameras. The installation process, the way you place the cameras, and how safe they’ll be without interrupting the baby depend on the adjustability. Adjustability will depend on the manufacturer, the model, and the size and weight of the included units. Most standard and common recording units are similar to the IPTV indoor cameras, which always make a great choice. The monitoring unit is most similar to a smaller tablet so carrying it around isn’t difficult.

Additional features are often a double-sided sword. Some features are nice to have, but might not be needed by all parents. On the other hand, certain features improve the functionality and make things much more convenient for parents. It’s important to understand which feature you might need. When you find features you need, it’s a good idea to invest in the baby monitor. However, at the same time, there is no point in investing in baby monitors full of features you might not really find useful for your purpose. Some of the most useful additional features include infrared night vision, temperature sensor, wide view lens, and cry and motion detection.

Best Baby Monitors for Multiple Rooms

Now you know how to choose a baby monitor for multiple rooms, but we’ll make things much easier for you. Down below, you can pick and choose one of the tested and recommended baby monitors for multiple rooms by parents around the United States.

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor

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ARENTI is one of the higher-end video baby monitors but it’s also the one you can rely on the most. It features 2 high-quality 2K HD video cameras that provide crystal clear video and audio in real time with zero lag. While other video baby monitors provide 720p or 1080p resolution, ARENTI is taking quality to the next level with 2K resolution.

This resolution is projected across the 5” monitoring unit, but it also includes a smartphone app where you can monitor the baby. What’s great about this versatile feature is that both parents can have a view of the baby regardless if they’re home or not.

The video cameras have a wide viewing angle they cover, which is 355 degrees with a 60-degree tilt and a 4X digital zoom. Additional features include the most modern ones that will help keep you alert without any mistakes.

You will love cry and sound detection, motion and danger zone detection, auto tracking, temperature and humidity reports, and improved SSL security. There’s even a feeding reminder so this 5” LCD unit (or the app) can be everything you will need to keep an eye on your little one without feeling like you’re all over the place.

What’s also great about this baby monitor is that its range is very decent, as you can go 1000ft away from the video cameras and still have a decent connection. There’s also a 2-way talk so you can keep your little one company even if you’re in the other room, colorful night light that will help keep the baby asleep, or the ability to play lullabies from the app.

There’s even an integrated SD card slot so you can insert an SC card of up to 256GB to record precious moments or take screenshots from the app. Considering the price and value (including all integrated features), ARENTI is one of the best, if not the best baby monitors for multiple rooms you can get for the money.

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

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If you’re looking for a baby monitor with dual video cameras that you can have a look at in a split-screen style, then HelloBaby is the right brand to go with. HelloBaby video baby monitors include 2 video cameras, but you can also opt-in for 3, which is a great add-on for people with larger houses.

What’s interesting about this video baby monitor is that it doesn’t work with Wi-Fi. Instead, it utilizes a range of up to 1000ft to produce a high-quality signal that’s picked up by the 5” video monitoring unit. The monitoring unit has a 26-hour battery life which gives you plenty of monitoring time, and with a fast charging capability, you won’t have to be sitting near the power outlet for too long.

There are also plenty of smart monitoring features such as a 2-way talk functionality, built-in lullabies, infrared night vision, room temperature and humidity monitoring, and even VOX mode. VOX mode is something we haven’t seen in any other monitoring unit, and while it’s not a necessity, it’s definitely one of the features that’s good to have around.

Since you won’t need Wi-Fi access to set this baby monitor up, the setup process is much simpler and you can get it up and running in less than 10 minutes. The cameras come preconnected to the monitoring unit which we find to be super convenient for parents.

iFamily Baby Monitors

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When you’re slightly on a budget or don’t need an advanced video baby monitor, but mostly care it supports multiple rooms, iFamily baby monitors make a good fit for such needs. Considering the affordable price tag, you’ll have to settle with a 4.3” monitoring unit. The good news is that it instantly shows both cameras in a split-screen view. 

The cameras come with a 355-degree pan and a 120-degree tilt functionality so you can place them at the most convenient spot for you and still have a clear view of your little ones. If you prefer to monitor the babies over your phone, there’s an app you can use so you don’t have to rely on the monitoring unit only.

If you have no idea where to place the cameras, iFamily also manufactures and sells a very convenient mount that integrates well with the cameras and allows you to attach the camera to the crib, for example.

Even though it’s a bit more affordable pick, especially after the first two picks we reviewed, it still includes certain smart features. You can expect to see smart features such as night vision, power saving mode at night, temperature sensors, two-way talk, integrated lullabies, and even a feeding alarm.

Since there’s no Wi-Fi needed, the security of these devices is highly increased so you won’t have to worry about anyone from outside the house accessing your baby monitors. On top of all, a 3-year warranty is also a good way to prove the quality of the iFamily baby monitors to all parents.

VTech VM924 Baby Monitors

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VTech is a very well-known manufacturer of baby monitors and we had a chance to review a couple of its models. We really love the VTech baby monitors and we’re really happy to see that the company continues to innovate and improve the quality of its monitors through a number of newly added features.

Therefore, VM924 baby monitors now include two cameras that don’t require Wi-Fi access and yet operate within the 1000ft range. Both cameras include up to 17 hours of streaming and 29 hours of audio transmitting on a single charge. Charging is pretty quick and you won’t find yourself having to charge these cameras very often. Both cameras also include a 270-degree side-to-side tilt and a 105-degree tilting option.

Zoom isn’t as strong as in other baby monitoring units, but you can still get a bit of zoom at a 1.33 ratio. However, the whole setup is plug and play straight out of the box which removes the need for technical knowledge. The only thing you will need to decide is where will you put up the video cameras.

The monitoring unit is a 5” LCD display which allows you to have multiple viewing points at your little ones. At the same time, you can take advantage of the integrated smart features such as temperature sensor, night vision, sound indicators, auto-on screen, and soothing sounds. Considering the price and quality of the VTech products, this might be one of the best baby monitors for multiple rooms at a very affordable price.

Bonoch MegaView Baby Monitor

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If you prefer having a better view of your children, you’ll love Bonoch’s monitoring unit which is 7” big. With 2 integrated video cameras that produce a 720p clear image you can view in a split-screen type on the monitor, you’ll effortlessly manage two babies at once.

What’s unique about this baby monitor for multiple rooms is the scanning feature. It’s an integrated feature that allows you to scan the room with cameras and loop the video every 15 seconds on a single screen (for up to 4 cameras) view or a 30-second split-screen loop (also accommodates 4 cameras).

With standard smart features such as two-way talk, a temperature sensor, a 355-degree pan, and a 115-degree tilt, you won’t miss a thing. Without the need for Wi-Fi, this baby monitor is ready straight out of the box and it doesn’t require any setup.


Finding the best baby monitor for multiple rooms can be a bit tricky. If you’re having a hard time navigating stores full of baby monitors, you can rely on our simple-to-follow guide and reviews.

Any of these baby monitors make a great fit for about 90% of parents who need to take care of their baby in multiple rooms or have an eye on more than one baby. With the integration of smart features and setups that are ready straight out of the box, you won’t regret investing in such a quality device that will ensure pure convenience for you.

What’s your favorite feature of these baby monitors for multiple rooms and why?

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