Best Sippy Cup for a Baby

Best sippy cup for a baby

A sippy cup is the best way to teach your baby how to drink from a cup. Even though it’s a special type of cup, it’s ideal for training. The chances are every one of us had a sippy cup when we were babies, but there’s a chance you’re wondering what’s the best sippy cup for a baby, right?

Even as adults, we get to meet sippy cups and make it easier for our little ones. Down below, we’ll show you some of the best sippy cups we discovered and that would be a great fit for babies older than 6 months, so let’s break it down!

Oh but even before that, let’s learn how to choose a sippy cup for your baby.

How to Choose the Best Sippy Cup for a Baby?

Best sippy cup for a baby

With all shapes, sizes, and designs, choosing a sippy cup can take a while. With more choices than ever before, the choice is endless, but don’t let it take more of your time than it needs to. Instead, check out what to look out for in the sippy cup, and if it’s got all four, you will find the one that will make a good fit.

  • Type
  • Size
  • Material
  • Features

While there used to be only one type of sippy cup before, now there are a few standard and common sippy cup types. Besides the sippy cup that comes with a straw, or a spill-proof top, many sippy cups look just like a regular cup. Such types are still spill-proof and they don’t make training any more difficult, yet make it a lot more realistic. Some come with handles, and others come in different shapes and are covered in cool designs, but the type shouldn’t matter too much. As long as it’s spill-proof and it looks like it’ll be comfortable to be handled by a baby, it’s a good choice.

There are plenty of sizes, and while 10 Oz. is the most common size for a sippy cup, you can also find other sizes, such as 4 ounces, and 7 ounces. While 10 ounces seemed the most optimal, you can also get a smaller sippy cup, which makes it easier to handle but will require refills sooner. Size is also something that mostly depends on your personal preference.

Material is a bit more important since you want to get a sippy cup that’s made only with quality materials and is 100% safe for the baby. Many brands keep the production within the USA to ensure better quality, which is something we recommend looking for. With plastic being the most common material, there’s also glass, metal, and even bamboo. Glass doesn’t make the most sense, but going for plastic, metal, or bamboo is highly recommended. No matter which material you choose, it’s important to ensure it’s free of BPA and lead.

There’s also a huge difference in features these sippy cups come with. While it might seem like just another cup, there are differences in the way the neck of the bottle and the cap function, how the spill-proof mechanism works, whether it has handles or not if you can see through the bottle or not, and many others. While these might seem irrelevant to some, they can make some things easier for the parents so they’re worth taking time to look for up-front.

Best Sippy Cup for a Baby

Choosing the best sippy cup for a baby

While it might seem that there’s so much to look for in a simple cup for a baby, it’s much easier to do it visually. Therefore, down below, you can find our picks for the best sippy cup for a baby with our opinion and reasons why we find them to be worth our feature.

Super Mama Sippy Cups

If you have a baby that’s over 6 months but it’s closer to a year old, Super Mama sippy cups make the most sense. You get two Super Mama sippy cups which are versatile and are made for babies from 6+ months but also for 1+ year olds. The second variation fits 1+ year olds up to 3 years of age, so these make a great investment.

You can choose between a spout and a straw to ensure the best fit for your baby’s age and learning curve to ease the transition from bottles. With the great choice of material, Super Mama sippy cups can withstand resistance up to 365 Fahrenheit, and endure drops and accidents without breaking. Of course, all this is possible while keeping cups BPA-free.

Other than replaceable versatile spouts, Super Mama sippy cups also feature a unique gravity ball. This is something no other brand includes and the main purpose is to allow children to drink in any position they desire to without spilling. With the leak and choke-proof design, double sealing rings will ensure proper safety so the little ones can enjoy their drink without any possible problems.

Grosmimi Magic Sippy Cup

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Grosmimi is a unique sippy cup that’s named Magic because of its unique design that helps stop leaking, backflow, and drinking from almost any position. The Grosmimi Magic sippy cup includes a straw that’s made of silicone. Due to its softness, it’s ideal for the baby’s soft gums, and getting used to the straw without resistance is easy for the baby. While the Magic sippy cup comes with a Stage 1 straw, you can additionally purchase a Stage 2 straw.

What’s great about Grosmimi’s Magic Sippy Cup is that it can be used in 4 different ways. Babies that are only getting used to straws and are under 6 months can start with a spout, so they get a feeling as if they’re being fed from a bottle.

When your baby gets used to the spout, it’s a good time to let the baby get familiar with straw nipples. But keep in mind that some babies who are breastfed might not get used to the spout, so it’s advised to skip the spout if that’s the case.

Grosmimi Magic sippy cups can be used even for babies older than 6 months. A weighted straw kit also helps babies drink effortlessly even while moving a lot. This unique patent helps babies drink even when they’re not standing still, from any position.

Finally, when the baby is comfortable, Grosmimi recommends using straws under thet straw nipple to help babies adjust to the resistance of the straw and what it is like to drink from an actual straw, instead of a weighted straw kit.

Thyseed Sippy Cup

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If you’re looking for a sippy cup ideal for children of 7 months and above, Thyseed has the right sippy cup. What’s also great about Thyseed is that its sippy cup is ideal for kids of up to two years of age.

Just like some of the best sippy cup manufacturers on the market, Thyseed also has its own unique and patented design. They refer to its design as a V-valve design where the opening is automatic, allowing babies to easily sip on the drink. What also goes behind the design is the self-adjustable flow, smooth and steady sip motion, and size that varies with suction.

On top of that, the Thyseed sippy cup is made to be leak-proof, spill-proof, and of course, gentle on the baby’s gums, lips, and mouth. There’s also a gravity ball similar to the other sippy cup product we featured in our review. The gravity ball in the Thyseed’s sippy cup helps ensure easier sipping motion from any direction, allowing drinking from various positions.

The material used to make these sippy cups passes all tests to ensure that these cups are hygienic, safe, and free of BPA, PVC, and phthalate. What’s also interesting is that Thyseed was able to make this bite-resistant due to the material used, and since they’re ideal for use for up to 2 years of age, they make a great investment.

When it comes down to cleaning, even parents will have it easy thanks to the simple design featuring only 4 parts, where every part is accessible and easy to clean with a brush. Of course, all parts are dishwasher-safe, which makes things even easier.

Little Ecos Sippy Cups

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If you have a slightly older child and you’re still looking for an appropriate sippy cup, Little Ecos has a great product that comes in pairs, ideal for two kids.

If you aren’t sure about the plastic sippy cups, it’s good to know that Little Ecos makes their cups from 304 stainless steel material (both inside and outside walls). Of course, with quality tests, this sippy cup is safe for children to hold, no matter how hot the contents are. At the same time, this sippy cup can keep contents hot or cold for hours, and you can pack even the food you’d like to keep warm to avoid using the microwave for a couple of hours.

With such a smart design, Little Ecos ensured that these sippy cups are 4-in-1 type cups. With the sippy cup, you get a lid and a straw, so it’s a perfect fit for children and kids of all ages, even making a great training cup for babies when the lid is removed. The lids are screw-type and they’re leakproof, making it ideal for children of all ages. This way, you won’t have to worry about spills and leaks with Little Ecos. The straw lids are made of metal and feature soft silicone to provide the most comfortable sips.

If you decide to use these cups as food or liquid storage, you’ll love to know that you can keep the contents hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 12 hours. Just like the straws, the cups also come with soft silicone to ensure a better grip over gripping a stainless steel cup, but also better insulation.

PopYum Sippy Cups

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If steel is your preferred choice with a better design, PopYum sippy cups are worth checking out. These sippy cups are built using stainless steel material and also come with a silicone sleeve to withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures while keeping them safe for the little ones.

With a better design, PopYum was able to insulate liquids well so this can also serve as a little thermo bottle. However, the biggest game changer is the design of the straw. With PopYum sippy cups, the air flows in only when a child drinks from the straw, making sipping a lot easier and effortless. To make things even better, there are two sippy cups in the packaging and each sippy cup gets a matching silicone straw.

Silicone straws make things comfortable, safe, and easier on the kids’ gum and mouth. Another thing you shouldn’t worry about is a mess. With triple wall technology and a double twist lock, PopYum sippy cups don’t leak and can’t make a mess, no matter the way they’re handled. Another positive thing is that a baby can drink from a sippy cup in any position, and sipping will be as effortless every single time.

The straw is the only thing that’s popping out of the durable cup, but another good design aspect is the straw stopper. A straw stopper is a small ring that keeps the straw in place without falling out or creating leaks.


Times have changed since we were kids and now, we have the the luxury of these incredible sippy cups that aren’t just regular sippy cups. With unique designs, technologies, and every part of the cup thought through in advance, we can have one less problem as parents, while kids get trained to a cup in the best and easiest way possible.

The market is full of sippy cups, but be aware that not all products are made of high quality. It’s important to check out the sippy cup and see what it offers before getting just any. Also, we noticed that it’s a good idea to pay slightly more for better quality than to deal with sippy cups of lesser quality.

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