Can A Tablet Be Used as A Baby Monitor?

Can A Tablet Be Used as A Monitor

If you have ever wondered if and how to use your tablet as a monitor, you have landed in the right place. No doubt, using multiple monitors can boost your productivity. It is a convenient way to use your tablet without sticking to your computer table because it allows you to access your computer’s data remotely

With a view to using your tablet as a monitor, it is essential to install a second monitor app on your device. In addition, you also need to install the drivers of a particular app on your desktop.

After you have completed the setup, it’s time to connect your tablet to your computer via Wi-Fi, LAN or USB cable. In fact,  you need to connect both the devices to the same network. However, it does not require an active internet connection to make a connection.

Below are the options to choose from when it comes to using a tablet as a baby monitor for your desktop.

Splashtop Wired XDisplay

As evident from the name, Splashtop Wired XDisplay requires a USB cord to use your tablet as a secondary screen. Using a wired medium offers you better frame rate and resolution. As a result, you can watch videos and movies in Full HD resolution.

This app is compatible with both the PC and Mac. Since this Splashtop doesn’t use Wi-Fi, it ensures a responsive experience. Apart from this, it works exactly in the same manner as any other screen-mirroring app.

In order to save the battery, you can also reduce the frame rates and resolution. You will observe minimum lag, which renders it as a more viable option when using your Tab as a monitor.

Can A Tablet Be Used as A Monitor


This is another display app, which initially came out for the macOS and iOS. However, now you can also use iDisplay with other operating systems; the iDisplay app is compatible with both the Windows and Android devices.

This app offers everything except the USB support for Android, which is unavailable till date. It offers multi-touch option and supports 60 fps. While offering so much, iDisplay costs $18 to download and use it.

Google Remote Desktop

Google Remote Desktop offers more than a screen-casting app. It is different from Windows Remote Desktop, as you can establish a connection between a PC and Android device. It serves as the ideal choice if you want to mirror the PC screen to your tablet.

You can also control your desktop via tablet or any other android device. For instance, it allows you to run commands on your PC through a tablet. Just like any other Google product, Remote Desktop is simple to set up and easy to use.

What you need is a working Gmail account. You can remotely access the contents of your PC, which is the most amazing feature of Google Remote Desktop.


If you are looking to transform your tablet into a display monitor for your PC, Spacedesk is a popular option. It is easy to set up and also works on LAN. You don’t even require an active internet connection to use this app.

You can choose between three options to connect your tablet to PC. These include Wi-Fi, USB, and LAN. Besides the touch support, you also get a decent resolution. To start with, you have to install the drivers on your PC (Only Windows).

This app is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems starting from Windows 7 and up. In order to use your tablet as a second monitor,  configure your Windows for the secondary display option.

For this purpose, just go to the Control Panel and open ‘Display Settings.’ Choose ‘Select Extend These Displays’ and press ‘Enter.’  By just opening the app, it will display your PC screen on the tablet or other Android devices.

Spacedesk relieves you of the hassle of connecting a device via USB. However, there is a downside too; there is a considerable amount of lag, as this app works wirelessly.


So can a tablet be used as a baby monitor? Absolutely! And with so many options on the table, it’s up to you to decide which one is the best choice. For those who have moved from iOS to Android, Spacedesk appears to be one of the most appropriate options. In addition, it is free and shows compatibility with other platforms.

Splashtop Wired XDisplay is another option to try if you are not satisfied with the performance of Spacedesk.  Splashtop offer better sync capabilities and more settings as compared to Spacedesk. Similarly, you can also use any other option available on this list if it meets your requirements.

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