Can Anyone Hack Into a Baby Monitor?


Baby monitors are super helpful, but have you ever had any questions about its security? Can anyone hack into a baby monitor?

That’s one of the common questions I get.

But since the answer is a bit more complicated – I decided to write this blog post about it.

Therefore, down below, you’ll be able to learn how baby monitors work, different types, and everything there is to know about their safety & security.

You’ll also find things you should look out for, but also things you should possibly avoid so you never have to worry about the security.

If you’ve already purchased a baby monitor – this is still a great read as you will be able to learn more about your baby monitor.

Baby Monitors Work in Different Ways

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Baby monitors used to be simple and there used to be only one type of them.

They used to work by transmitting a frequency which resulted in a limited range.

However, for indoors – they were very useful. They were a device that could help you hear your baby without having to be in the baby’s room for the whole time.

It only required you to stay indoors.

But nowadays?

Nowadays, we have all sorts of baby monitor types. The most popular and the most enhanced version is the smart baby monitor.

Smart baby monitors are able to take advantage of the internet connection to ensure a better connection, expand the range, and even offer remote operation.

I believe that the most common questions whether can anyone hack into a baby monitor came from the use of the internet connection.

New baby monitors removed the need for transmitting audio signals since the smart baby monitors rely on the internet connection which is far safer.

But as we all know, the internet network can be hacked. Does that mean those baby monitors connected to the home internet network are vulnerable?

How safe are baby monitors after all?

But Are Baby Monitors Safe?

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Ever since the early introduction of baby monitors – one question commonly rises.

Are baby monitors safe?

The question was quickly answered positively. Baby monitors are safe. Even though they emit signals – they’re still safe, even for the babies.

However, there’s one rule you should follow.

You shouldn’t have too many electronics that transmit the frequency in the baby’s room.

But if you only use the baby monitor – there’s nothing you should worry about.

What about the new “smart” baby monitors? How smart are they and are they maybe becoming too smart which could potentially put our children in danger?

Smart baby monitors might come at a higher price cost because of the value they provide through their features.

However, they’re even safer than any other baby monitors. How come?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, they don’t rely on the radiowaves yet they utilize the internet connection which is a bit of a better option.

And since almost everyone has an internet network in their home – smart baby monitors fit well together in our modern lives.

So Can Someone Hack Into a Baby Monitor?

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When the first smart baby monitors came out – unfortunately, manufacturers weren’t paying too much attention to the security.

Therefore, yes, people were able to hack into a baby monitor, access the camera, and even communicate through the device.

But is there a reason for someone to hack into a baby monitor? Not really. This is something that doesn’t happen at all.

However, manufacturers took this matter seriously and they’ve started improving the security of their smart baby monitors.

Today, you will be able to find some of the best security features in the smart baby monitors.

Even if your home internet network got hacked – accessing the smart baby monitors would still be almost impossible.

Therefore, even the biggest attempts will end up unsuccessful. And how can we be so sure of this?

Manufacturers did a great job of implementing the extra measures to their products. No one wants to put their baby at risk, right?

Therefore, in some of the best smart baby monitors, we can see high-level security features such as connection encryption.

In fact, by doing a review of Nanit Smart Baby Video Monitor – we learned that this device features the same level of network security you could find in a hospital.

What Baby Monitor Security Features Should You Look Out For?

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When we’re choosing or reviewing baby monitors – we all focus on the most beneficial features for our babies and us.

But we rarely shift our focus to other important features such as security.

Luckily, we have the manufacturers thinking this through for us. Therefore, almost every smart baby monitor comes with data (or connection) encryption features.

For example, one of the recent smart baby monitors we’ve reviewed is the Nanit. We were pleasantly surprised to see that it has enterprise-level security along with AES 256-bit key encryption.

This is the same standard used in the hospital networks – so you can rest assured knowing that it would take a lot of effort and incredible skills to hack into such a baby monitor.

Therefore, if you are worried about the security of a certain baby monitor – try to find out its security features and even the type of security as this might tell you a lot.

So can anyone hack into a baby monitor? Definitely not!


As parents, we wish only the best for our children and luckily, these types of products are very well thought about up-front, so we don’t have to worry about things such as security.

Not all brands and companies are the same – but by reviewing some of the best baby monitors available on the market, we learned one thing.

A high standard of security is kept regardless of the company or the brand.

Therefore, was security stopping you from going ahead and possibly purchasing your first baby monitor?

If you are still having doubts, questions, or need any help on taking the next steps – feel free to leave a comment down below. I do my best to answer every comment and provide help in the best way I can!

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