DBPOWER Baby Monitor complete Review with Pros and Cons

dbpower baby monitor review

Quick Overview





  • Great value for the price
  • Alert system for crying, low battery, and temperature
  • Wide transmission area
  • Two-way talk and lullaby 
  • Automatically detects and switches between day/night time modes
  • Digital technology (no need for internet connection)


Having a baby can become a tiresome experience if you don’t have any helpers. The baby monitors help you to better manage your daily activities, while reducing the stress of not knowing what your baby is doing, whether the baby is still napping or has woken up, is crying or even playing.

You can now easily check up on your baby by using baby monitors and reassure yourself in only seconds without having to move or disturb your baby. 

DBPower Baby Monitor has been in the market for a long time. Time to check if that’s enough to buy this monitor!


These devices help settle parents’ minds when it comes to their baby as it allows them to sneak a peek on their little ones when they are sleeping, comfort them when they are crying or monitor them during the night. That’s why you need to check out the DBPOWER baby Monitor. 

DBPOWER Baby Monitor

The DBPOWER Baby Monitor is a user-friendly device which allows you to monitor your baby when they are sleeping and check on the room temperature to ensure the best environment for your baby.

The product has a built-in alarm system and video recording features. The nightlight enables you to supervise your little one during the night without waking the baby or having to turn the lights on. It improves your parenting experience, peace of mind, and keeps you connected at all times with your baby, ensuring safety and protection. 

Who is this product for?

This product is suitable for all parents who want to enhance the security of their babies by monitoring them at all times and enjoy more relaxing activities when they can always see what their baby is doing, even from 900 ft. 

What’s included?

As it comes at a competitive price, the product has only required accessories. The content includes:

One camera for baby’s room (batteries not included),

One parent monitor with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery.

The product has a recording feature, but it does not include the card (it supports 32GB TF card). 

You may consider buying additional cameras, Memory card, or twist mount as you like additionally.

Overview of features of DBPOWER Baby Monitor

dbpower baby monitor review

The DBPOWER Video Monitor includes the baby monitor and one camera, which can be expanded to include up to 4 cameras at the same time. With a 4.3” monitor, the device delivers a high-quality experience allowing you to check on your baby at any times. 

The automatic light sensor improves the experience during the night, as it automatically shifts from day to night vision mode and vice-versa,

With a visibility up to 15 ft, the built-in alarm system notifies you when the battery is low, the baby is crying, temperature is fluctuating, or you are out of range, allowing you to choose between 6 sound levels for the best experience, even during the nights.

The camera can be easily adjusted from the parent monitor, so that you can keep an eye on your baby no matter where you are. It includes a pan-tilt-zoom of 270 degrees horizontal and 110 degrees vertical, which means you can see up to 95% of the room. 

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Other features allow you to play lullabies for your distressed baby and you can adjust the volume and the lullaby in no time from the unit; alternatively, you can use the two-way talk feature to soothe your crying baby. The parent unit maintains its connection to the baby camera up to 900 ft. 

With an additional purchase of a memory card, you can activate the recording function so that you never miss a moment with your baby; for multiple children or even better monitoring, the system supports up to 4 cameras which can be bought separately.

Lastly, the baby monitor offers reliable transmission, ensuring safety and protection from online hackers.

Split screen is another point to look out.


The product does not need any setting up; all you need is to plug it in and turn it on. The camera comes with a mounting bracket which enables you to place it on the ceiling, wall, or stand for a better view. The parent unit comes with physical buttons for easy menu navigation, and it does not use a phone connection.


  • Great value for the price
  • Alert system for crying, low battery, and temperature
  • Wide transmission area
  • Two-way talk and lullaby 
  • Digital technology (no need for internet connection)
  • Automatically detects and switches between day/automatic night modes


Only one camera 


Summer Infant Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor 

If you do not find this amazing product suitable for you, we have other alternatives which you might find useful. For instance, Summer Infant Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor is in the same price range and offers you two-way talk, digital technology, and others. 


DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor is a great investment for your family, which will improve the quality of your daily life and monitor your baby for maximum safety, even when you are away. This baby monitor is a perfect choice when it comes to baby safety and monitoring, night or day, so you can maintain a vigilant eye even when you are cooking, gardening, or chatting with your friends as your baby sleeps.

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