How to Connect Motorola Baby Monitor to WiFi


You did your research and you went ahead and got a very quality baby monitor – Motorola. But are you stuck during the setup and are you wondering how to connect Motorola baby monitor to WiFi?

Not everyone is very good with technical stuff but you don’t need to be an expert to set up the baby monitor.

And if you need even a tiny bit of help – that’s okay. That’s why we’re here! The good news is – once you set up the baby monitor, you won’t have to do it ever again!

Down below, you can find our guide that will help you find out what Motorola model you have. But also how to connect it to your WiFi network, and even how to get direct help from Motorola.

Why are Motorola Baby Monitors Very Popular?


If you browsed for baby monitors – you could have come across Motorola baby monitors.

It might look like they’re recommended by everyone. Even we have a review of Motorola baby monitor – and we highly recommend reading it!

But what’s so special about Motorola?

Even though Motorola isn’t very active in the cellphone industry – they’re still a very active company.

The reason you’ve been seeing so many Motorola baby monitors is that Motorola produces one of the best baby monitors out there.

Unlike with the cellphone industry – Motorola continued to follow the trend and innovate in the baby monitor industry.

If you had a look at one of their baby monitor models and compared it to other available models – you’d notice the quality after a quick comparison.

Therefore, you shouldn’t stay away from the Motorola brand, and in fact, you should always look forward to it.

Even if you aren’t a big Motorola fan, you can still use their baby monitor models as a way to determine the value-to-price ratio for its competitors.

How to Connect Motorola Baby Monitor to WiFi?

Find the Model Name/Number

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Even before you get started with the setup – here’s what you should do. We highly recommend you start by checking out the exact model of your Motorola baby monitor.

This will be useful later on. Especially in case you are having a hard time connecting the baby monitor to your home WiFi network.

Often times, Motorola will write a clear model name/number on the packaging box. However, you can also find it on the website where you purchased it (if you bought it online). You can also find the model name/number in the user’s manual (in case you still have it).

If you are struggling to find it – try checking out the receipt. Sometimes, a whole name and model are written on the receipt.

But if you still can’t find it – that’s okay, feel free to continue and we’ll help you find out your model later on in this article.

Look Out for Wireless Connectivity Setting

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If you did go through the initial setup upon unboxing your Motorola baby monitor – you should find a settings button.

The setting button should help you get into the menu where you could come across Wireless Connectivity (or a similar feature).

Inside this feature, you would be able to activate the wireless connectivity, find available networks, and connect the Motorola baby monitor to your home WiFi network in just a couple of steps.

Optional: Re-Do the Setup

In case you think you saw the wireless connectivity feature in the initial setup and now you can’t find it – it would be a great idea to re-do the setup.

This can be done from the main Motorola menu – and it’s often located at the bottom of the menu.

But if you can’t find this option either – keep on reading as we’ll have more resources to help you with this.

Even though it’s the same brand, Motorola has many models and not all of them work in the same way. But don’t let that discourage you!

Can You Connect Any Motorola Baby Monitor to WiFi?

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Even though we’ve earlier mentioned that Motorola is following the trend and it’s being really innovative in the industry – not all of their baby monitor models have the ability to connect to the wireless network.

That’s why we recommend finding out the exact model of your Motorola baby monitor and learn if this feature is provided.

If you’re struggling to find this information, keep on reading as we’ll show you how to easily find your Motorola baby monitor model and even its specific user’s manual information.

The Help of the Motorola’s Specific Model Guides

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It’s always better to know exactly what you’re looking for and where you can find it rather than spending hours guessing.

There is no better place to find specific information about your baby monitor model than the manufacturers’ website.

Motorola has a well-organized page internet page where you can find all of their baby camera models.

These pages include product images so you can visually find it in under a minute.

Once you find your specific baby monitor model – clicking on it will lead you to a specific baby monitor product page made by Motorola.

In there, you can find more information on the exact baby monitor model, but you can also find answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

If you still need any help – following the Motorola’s support page will also allow you to find your specific baby monitor model.

And in there, you’ll get access to Quick Start Guide and User Guide.

Either one of these guides should show you how to connect Motorola baby monitor to the WiFi network.

But remember, you can only connect it as long as your baby monitor supports WiFi connections.


Every product is different and even models from the same manufacturer tend to be built differently.

Also, you should count on the upgrades and improvements which lead to these differences.

However, if this article didn’t help you learn how to connect Motorola baby monitor to WiFi network – the official Motorola Support page should be able to help you out!

Do you need any additional help or do you have any questions?

Feel free to leave your questions or comments down below and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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