LBTech Video Baby Monitor (with Two Cameras) Review

LBTech Baby Monitor


Quick Overview





  • Large LCD display
  • Includes two cameras
  • Ability to expand up to 4 cameras
  • Double digital zoom
  • Plenty of multifunctional features
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Battery lasts long


  • Monitor camera’s cord is a bit too short
  • Camera’s view angle is aimed more downwards

Being able to hear your baby is wonderful, but being able to see and hear your baby when you are away at home working is even better, right?


If you aren’t on the tight budget when you’re looking into baby monitors – deciding to go for a baby monitor that provides video features is a great thing.

Who wouldn’t like to have a view on their baby even when they’re not in their room, right?

With proper technology – we are able to have this opportunity. With devices such as LBTech, this is definitely an investment that really pays off.


Who can put a price on the purpose of such a device, right?

And in this post, you won’t only learn how video baby monitors work, but you will find some features you didn’t even think you could find in a pretty compact device such as a video baby monitor.

Therefore, stay tuned, as by the end of the post – you’ll definitely be able to make a clear decision whether you’d stick to audio baby monitor or you’d go with a video baby monitor instead.

LBTech Video Baby Monitor Review

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We like to think that LBTech is full of features that aren’t only helpful for the parent – but they’re also there to increase the baby’s safety.

Down below, you won’t only find all of these features but you will also learn whether this video baby monitor is a great choice for your needs or not.

Grab a cup of coffee and keep on reading the LBTech video baby monitor review to find more helpful information!

Who is This Product For?

This product is ideal for parents who might take their work home and yet chores keep them busy as well.


Because this baby monitor has not one, but two video cameras that are perfect for someone who doesn’t have the opportunity to put a pause on their busy lifestyle.

Also, there are plenty of other features that are ideal for anyone from young parents to second or even third-time parents.

What’s Included?

LBTech video baby monitor comes with a 4.3″ LCD screen and two cameras. The lithium-ion battery is also included and once you unbox the LBTech package – you will have everything needed to set up this baby monitor.

Overview of the Features

360 Degree Cameras With Night Vision


You won’t only receive two cameras, but each one of the cameras has the ability to manually rotate full 360 degrees.

This means that you won’t have to pay attention to the camera angles, yet you can place them wherever you find suitable inside the baby’s room.

From there, you get to remotely rotate the cameras – even at night. LBTech really thought this through by introducing an automated night vision feature that turns itself on when it becomes dark in the room.

This way, you get to have eyes and ears on your baby at all times.

Two-Way Talk and Temperature Monitoring


Not only you will be able to hear your baby – but the baby will also be able to hear you.

That’s right – LBTech features a two-way talk feature which allows parents to talk to their babies without even being in the room.

And with two cameras, you can see their reaction – or even record the priceless moments.

But do you think that’s everything? Of course, it is not.

LBTech even added a temperature monitoring sensor into the baby’s unit. As you probably know by now – baby’s room temperature is important and by using this baby monitor – you won’t need an additional thermometer.

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Digital Zoom with Power Saving


Not only you get two cameras to always have an eye on your baby from two different angles – but you will also be able to zoom in to see your baby or check on your baby’s activities.

Combine this with a 4″ LCD display, and you will love seeing even the tiniest detail in your baby’s room.

Now, you would think that such a device would spend your battery relatively quickly, right?

That’s not true.

Remember when we mentioned how LBTech thought this all the way through, right?

They included a power-saving mode known as Vox mode which can reduce energy consumption by half (50%) which is amazing. This way, you won’t end up changing the batteries quite often.


Voice Activation Mode

As a part of the energy consumption reduction, LBTech decided to feature a voice activation mode.

This is the mode in which you can wake up the display from power-saving just with your voice.

This is really helpful for parents who are busy or are even doing the dishes – as you can operate the baby monitor hands-free.

How to Use

All you have to do is open the package, and turn on the baby receiver and two cameras in order to get them to work.

LBTech ensured that this product is “plug and play” which means it works straight out of the box without any additional setup requirements.


  • Large LCD display
  • Includes two cameras
  • Ability to expand up to 4 cameras
  • Double digital zoom
  • Plenty of multifunctional features
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Battery last long


  • Camera’s view angle is aimed more downwards
  • Monitor camera’s cord is a bit too short


Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Motorola baby monitor features a video baby monitor that works on the same principle as LBTech baby monitor.

It comes with similar features as well, but we believe that quality is a bit higher which also results in a higher price. It’s definitely a great baby monitor to think about if you aren’t on a tight budget.


We think that you love the functionality of baby monitors – but what made you think about getting a baby video monitor?

Video baby monitors are a great choice and are definitely an awesome investment when you consider the benefits.

What do you like the most about LBTech video baby monitor?

We like the two cameras that can rotate 360-degrees. That’s pretty useful, don’t you think?

We hope you found everything you were looking for in our LBTech video baby monitor review!

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