Summer Infant Baby Monitor Review


Quick Overview





  • Long battery life
  • Great view of the baby
  • Ability to expand number of cameras
  • Two-way talk 
  • Sound-activated screen
  • SleepZone Virtual Boundary feature


  • Screen sleep feature is a bit too quick and it darkens the screen pretty quick

If you’re on a budget and yet you’re looking for a quality video baby monitor that won’t make you sacrifice the value for the price – you’re in the right place.

Summer infant baby monitor is a great lower-priced baby monitor that can easily compete with many higher-priced monitors.

And if you’re looking more into this famous video baby monitor – this is the right place as we’ll break down all the features and benefits of the Summer baby video in this article!


It’s hard to learn more about a baby monitor by only checking out what’s written on the packaging.

But since you’re here, it’s clear that you know exactly how to learn more about a product. There’s no better to learn more about a video baby monitor than through a review such as this one!

Summer Video Baby Monitor Review

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the main reasons why the Summer video baby monitor is increasing in popularity is the features and the incredible value to price ratio you can get in return.

Down below, you can find out more about the features we’ve briefly mentioned, but also learn what you can expect out of this video baby monitor, so keep on reading!

Who is This Product For?

This product is ideal for any type of a parent and since it’s very easy to learn and handle – you don’t need to have any previous technical experience.

The learning curve is smooth and if you’re on a tight budget – this video baby monitor will bring a lot of value and even change the way you do some tasks around the home through convenient features.

What’s Included?

When you order and receive Summer infant baby monitor, you’ll receive:

  • 1080P HD camera
  • 4.3″ digital monitoring unit
  • All needed cables
  • User’s manual

This video baby monitor is ready to be used straight out of the box without any setup or installation.

Overview of the Features

The chances are that you’re here mainly to learn more about the features, but also see what you can expect to gain from them – so let’s get straight into it!

Easily Adjustable HD Camera

Camera that comes with the monitoring unit is a 1080P HD camera that displays crystal clear image to the monitoring unit and yet it has plenty of features that even improve the use.

Angle is pretty wide so you can easily adjust it and ensure that you cover the most important aspects of your baby’s room. However, it also has a 3x zoom and tilting options that can be operated remotely through the monitoring unit.

Convenient Digital Monitoring Unit

Digital monitoring unit is the most convenient part of this deal as it has everything a parent would need to go on with daily life while taking care of the baby.

It’s a pretty big 4.3″ digital unit that can remotely operate the camera, has a 2-way talk feature integrated, and it can even play lullabies and white noise directly through the camera.

SleepZone Virtual Boundary

This is probably the most unique feature when it comes down to video baby monitors and yet it’s probably one of the most useful ones out there.

SleepZone virtual boundary feature allows you to set a virtual boundary box and when your child leaves this space, you will get notified to the monitoring unit.

Peace of Mind

What we really like about this video baby monitor is the ability to sleep well with the monitoring unit next to you without a single thing to worry about.

The feature that we like the most is the automatic screen light-up as soon as the baby starts crying or making noise in the room. This way, you don’t need to press a single button as soon as you wake up.

Additional Features

A number of features really surprised us, especially considering the price point.

The monitoring unit comes equipped with a white noise player, lullabies player, 3x zoom for the camera, remote camera operating, and even the kickstand sound activated LED lights.

How to Use

Once you receive and unpack the Summer infant baby monitor, all you have to do is pop in the batteries, set the camera in the baby’s room, follow a couple of on-screen instructions – and you’re all set.

The first-use process is very simple and it doesn’t take a lot of the time.


  • Long battery life
  • Great view of the baby
  • Ability to expand number of cameras
  • Two-way talk 
  • Sound-activated screen
  • SleepZone Virtual Boundary feature


  • Screen sleep feature is a bit too quick and it darkens the screen pretty quick


VAVA 720P Video Baby Monitor

If for some reason you aren’t liking the Summer baby video monitor – a great alternative might be VAVA.

VAVA video baby monitor is almost twice the price and it offers a lower-resolution camera, but it has almost all the same features which is why this unit can be an ideal replacement – if you aren’t on a tight budget.


We believe that no other alternative can beat the price and value of the Summer infant baby monitor and this is probably one of the most affordable yet quality lower-priced choices available on the market at the time of writing.

The number of features in combination with the build quality – it’s clear to say that Summer built this video baby monitor with parents in mind.

There are a couple other Summer video baby monitors in their lineup so we highly recommend you to check them out too. Summer is definitely an upcoming brand in the industry and we’ll be following its journey for sure!

What is your favorite feature of this monitor? Do you think any other video baby monitor can beat the price and value?

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