Top Baby Monitors That Will Work With Your iPhone


If you’ve used baby monitors before, you might not recognize them today. Why? Because there are even baby monitors that work with iPhone smartphones!

However, if you’ve never used a baby monitor and you’re browsing the options – you’d probably notice one thing.

Baby monitors can be super convenient! Especially when they can connect to your home network and be connected with your smartphone.

And in this post, this type of baby monitors is exactly what you’ll find! These are also called smart baby monitors, and we’ve reviewed quite many of them so we’re pleased to bring you some of the best ones in this review post!

Top Baby Monitors that Work with iPhone Smartphones

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor


Nanit Plus is one of the most advanced smart baby monitors on the market, and if you put the quality over the budget – you’ll be pleased with everything Nanit has to offer.

Product Highlights

We did a big Nanit Plus review, so you can give that a read if it interests you – but here are some of the best highlights you’ll come across.

However, the best thing about Nanit is that it produces baby monitors in a unique way. It combines an extremely high-quality video camera with a bird’s view perspective so you get to see your child from the best angle possible.

Two-way hear or speak system is in place and you can communicate with your baby directly from your iPhone. We really like how this feature is just two button taps away.

But what Nanit Plus has and that not many other baby monitors have is the sleep tracking feature. It can successfully track your baby’s sleep so you can check out the stats in the morning for the previous night.

The safety is included so you won’t have to worry about your baby monitor being hacked through the network. We were pleased to see that Nanit uses the same network encryption type that’s being used in local hospitals!

But one of the most awesome features that almost any parent will like is the ability to control & use the Nanit baby monitor with a virtual assistant. Any function you’d like to make is just a voice away – including Alexa and Siri virtual assistants.

What’s to Like About the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

The quality of this baby monitor is outstanding, and even though the price might seem a bit high for some parents – the number of features and value really justifies the price.

Also, we like the unique bird’s view perspective that works well with sleep tracking which makes this baby monitor really unique.

What’s not to Like About the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

The multi stand that is ideal for parents who wouldn’t always like to keep this baby monitor above the crib has to be additionally purchased.


  • Bird’s view perspective
  • Ability to track sleep
  • Can even track breathing with an additional purchase
  • Easy to setup


  • The convenient multi stand has to be purchased separately which adds to the cost of the monitor itself

Motorola Connect 40


Motorola Connect 40 is one of the most popular smart baby video monitors since it offers both a parent’s unit and the ability to connect it with the smartphone. Down below, find more interesting features that could change the way you do things as a parent!

Product Highlights

Even though Motorola Connect 40 features one camera, it ensures that the parents can move this camera to match any angle. This means that you won’t have a blind spot in the room at all.

However, 2-way communication is a pretty standard feature among smart baby monitors, but we’re really pleased with the mic sensitivity that can produce quality audio. You won’t have to think twice before understanding the message coming from the other side.

But one of the best things is that Connect 40 baby monitors can be connected with both an iPhone and the parent’s unit. In fact, we think that this is one of the first smart baby monitors we’ve come across and yet that it can be used in both ways.

With that being said, Motorola app also helps you connect the baby monitor to your iPhone – we’ve noticed that it’s full of dedicated parenting support information. We believe that this is really convenient for new parents.

What’s to Like About Motorola Connect 40

We really like how Motorola created a smart baby monitor that is full of average smart features, and yet it is able to be used in both ways – with a parent’s dedicated monitoring unit and an iPhone.

Other than that, we’re very pleased with the overall quality and the support which is outstanding.

What’s not to Like About Motorola Connect 40

Motorola Connect 40 doesn’t feature many advanced features such as video history, the ability to take screen captures or to record audio moments.


  • Great remote control functions
  • Wide-angle camera
  • Decent video quality
  • Efficient 2-way communication
  • Ability to be used with both parent’s unit and an iPhone


  • Lack of advanced features for parents

Arlo Baby Monitor


Arlo baby monitor is one of the smartest baby monitors on the market, and not only it can be connected with an iPhone – but it also provides a lot of advanced features for a very reasonable price.

Product Highlights

The most important highlight of the Arlo baby monitor is the 1080P HD quality camera with a wide-angle lens. Not only you will see even the smallest detail in your baby’s room, but you’ll also love the rich color palette.

2-way talk is a pretty standard feature in the newest smart baby monitors, however, it’s really worth mentioning since it’s a very convenient feature.

However, one of the most interesting features of the Arlo baby monitor is the night vision. Even though quality drops a bit with night vision – you still get the chance to have an eye on your baby even in the darkest room.

Other than working with your iPhone, Arlo can be used with a virtual assistant such as Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Lullaby player and night light are two other features that are integrated into Arlo and yet they make a big difference for both babies and parents.

However, one of the most convenient features is the sensor that measures air condition, humidity, and even temperature. How convenient is that, right?

What’s to Like About Arlo Baby Monitor

The amount of thought that went into the production of the Arlo baby monitor is really impressive. It has a lot of additional features that aren’t easily seen in other smart baby monitors.

It can be used with virtual assistants and with smartphones such as iPhone, and yet it lists all possible features at the tip of your finger.

What’s not to Like About Arlo Baby Monitor

Connecting the Arlo baby monitor with your smartphone is very straight forward, however, there can be a bit of complication until you get it right the first time.


  • High-quality camera
  • Plenty of advanced smart features
  • Suitable with an iPhone and voice assistants
  • Integrated lullaby player and soothing night light
  • Very reasonably priced


  • The first initial connection with a smartphone isn’t as smooth as we expected

Victure Baby Monitor


Having a decent baby monitor doesn’t have to be expensive, and Victure baby monitor is a great choice if you’re on a budget. It still has plenty of features and the whole functionality is kept nicely, so keep on reading to find out more about one of the most affordable smart baby monitors on the market!

Product Highlights

Considering the price, the Victure baby monitor features almost all features a parent would expect from a smart baby monitor.

We were surprised to find features such as 1080P full HD video quality, two-way audio call ability, and even smart motion detector.

In fact, Victure has one of the most unique features among baby monitors. It’s the ability to detect baby’s crying. How convenient is that?

Therefore, you can already see why we had to add Victure to our list. But great features don’t stop there. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by one feature in particular.

It’s flexible video storage ways. In fact, this is something that even the qualities baby monitors are missing out there and yet Victure really thought their product through.

However, we are not sure how can Victure sell such efficient baby monitors full of features at the asking price – but it’s a choice that we’d definitely make even if we weren’t on a budget!

What’s to Like About Victure Baby Monitor

Even though Victure has plenty of features, we really like the price. It’s one of the things that really caught our eye once we were able to get our hands on Victure baby monitor.

A number of features that are usually found in a lot more expensive baby monitors can be found in this exact product, and that’s one of the things you should definitely appreciate!

What’s Not to Like About Victure Baby Monitor

Even though Victure baby monitor offers a lot – some of the main functions aren’t that really great. Video is perfect, however, we find that audio could’ve been improved.


  • Many advanced features
  • Most affordable price
  • Decent quality for the price
  • Motion detection
  • Ability to detect baby’s crying


  • Audio quality should be improved

Nooie Baby Camera


Nooie is a pretty affordable baby camera that has a lot to offer. It’s very suitable for iPhones and it has been even certified by Amazon as a device that’s compatible with Alexa.

 Product Highlights

One of the best features of Nooie is 360-degree motion tracking. With a 101-degree field view and the ability to rotate 360-degrees, you won’t have a blind spot in your baby’s room.

Nooie baby camera works very efficiently with an iPhone and once you connect it to your smartphone – all functions, including pan and tilt are easy to perform remotely.

Following the industry’s standard, Nooie offers a 1080P high definition camera quality which is combined with a night vision.

If you think about a combination of motion tracking and night vision – you’ll be able to have your child in view at all times.

We were pleased with how well data and security are handled by Nooie. That’s something you won’t have to worry about at all.

However, one more thing that surprised us was the sound detection. Nooie baby monitor is full of sensors that work very well and yet are hidden in a very compact & stylish design.

Therefore, considering the value provided in return for the asking price – the price is definitely justified.

What’s to Like About Nooie Baby Camera

Considering the value provided for the asking cost, Nooie is definitely one of the most affordable yet smartest baby cameras on the market.

It can easily compete with some higher-priced models. The number of features is definitely one of the things you should like. It’s something like the most!

What’s Not to Like About Nooie Baby Camera

Motion detector is a very useful feature, however, even on the lowest setting – it can be too sensitive.


  • Suitable for multiple uses
  • Very affordable price
  • Motion and sound detection
  • High-quality video
  • Easy setup and iPhone integration


  • The motion detector is a bit too sensitive on the lowest setting

Final Verdict

Baby monitors are evolving and they quickly developed with the help of the technology. But can you imagine how will baby monitors look in the future?

We are very pleased that the smartest baby monitors we have many features that will help parents on a daily basis.

All of these products are made of high-quality, have specialized features, and are easy to use. However, it’s up to you to find out what works best for you and which one would fit your needs.

If you need any help – don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. Or you can read any of our informational articles that will help you with your choice further.

Which one of the baby monitors that work with iPhone is your favorite?

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