3 Top Non Wifi Baby Monitors For Your Peace Of Mind

top non wifi baby monitor

As a new parent who prefers a simpler lifestyle, you would have got an overwhelming feeling about choosing the right baby monitor.

One of the most asked questions is “Do we REALLY need wifi connected Baby Monitors?”

Actually, not necessarily.

You see, the baby monitors when originally started being used, were audio monitors. Similar to walkie Talkie, the piece which is at the baby’s end be always on an open channel so that another piece of the monitor which is with the parents can let them know if they hear a baby crying or any sound from the baby’s room.

Later, as technology evolved and started becoming affordable, video baby monitors started becoming the trend and then further advanced to wifi connected baby monitors nowadays there are smart bassinets, AI power baby monitors, which are sufficient to confuse a new parent, who prefers a more straightforward device, without connecting to any network, can work independently. 

Advantages of a non wifi baby monitor

Nowadays everything is getting “smart” which means the wifi baby monitors are getting smarter. So much so that some parents might feel intimated about using a wifi baby monitor because they believe their child is being spied on.

There have been cases reported in the past where a wifi connected baby monitors were hacked. In some such cases, the hacked wifi monitor was making eerie sounds in the middle of the night waking parents frequently and in some extreme cases scaring the baby from their sleep. Some cases were also reported where people found that someone else (a hacker) was watching the baby! 

I know, scary!

Rather than worrying about who is watching your child, use a non wifi baby monitor to simply listen in on what’s going on in the room without having to worry about exposing your child’s privacy.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right baby monitor for you and one of the most important is whether or not you want an audio or video monitor.

Audio monitors emit sound waves that travel through the air and can be heard by parents through a speaker on the monitor, while video monitors display images from a camera located in the baby’s room.

 But non wifi baby monitors do not rely on internet/wifi connectivity hence you will not risk hacking.

These non wifi baby monitors also come with the advantage of portability. These can be taken along with you wherever you go and can be used irrespective of network availability and quality. That comes in handy!

We did careful research on customer satisfaction and ratings and found these five top non wifi baby monitors for you to choose from. They are being presented here in the order of their customer reviews with the first product being top-rated.

1. Hellobaby Video Baby Monitor HB66 

hellobaby non wifi baby monitor

Hellobaby HB66 Video monitor has been one of the top non wifi baby monitors for quite some time now.

This monitor offers crystal clear audio and video, allowing parents to keep a close watch on their baby from anywhere in the house. It also comes with infrared night vision technology, two-way talkback, and temperature monitoring capabilities. With these features, parents can rest assured that their baby is safe and secure while they are away.


  • 3.2″ TFT LCD display for a better view
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions (PTZ) for best view control.
  • Remote PTZ control by parent unit (display)
  • Pans up to 355 Degrees covering almost the entire room with its corners.
  • It Tilts 120 Degrees to see from floor to ceiling
  • Zooms up to 2 times
  • Signal range max 1000 ft (304 meters) for streaming live videos without latency.
  • Automatic night vision in the dark atmosphere for watching the baby sleep at night.
  • Backlit lights on the parent monitor help you navigate dark nights from your bed.
  • Temperature detection is always there to let you know the room temperature.
  • Allows you to hear baby sounds including crying from the monitor easily.
  • Uses a 2.4 GHz FHSS range and digital encryption for a 100% hacker-free setup.
  • VOX mode – During a peaceful night’s sleep, the monitor will turn off the video feed (Environment protection mode on) and auto-activates when the baby cry is detected, giving you a longer and more peaceful night’s sleep.
  • 2 way talk back is included so you can talk your baby through sleeping back when the baby wakes up at night lightly.
  • 8 lullabies are pre-loaded for you to help the baby get back to sleep faster. 
  • Can add up to 4 cameras for the same parent unit.

2. MoonBaby No wifi Video Baby Monitors

mooonbaby top non wifi monitor

MoonBaby is another top non wifi video baby monitor that offers parents peace of mind when their little ones are asleep.

MoonBaby is a must-have for any parent looking for reliable and secure monitoring of their child.


  • 4.3″ display LCD screen
  • Product variants are available with and without Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) function cameras.
  • Remote control in the display unit
  • PTZ units have 280-degree Pan
  • 90-degree tilt – from ceiling to floor
  • Zooming up to 2X
  • 1000 ft (304 meters) range for bigger houses and rooms that are far.
  • Automatic night vision
  • Temperature room monitoring to keep check of baby’s room temperature.
  • 2.4 GHz range with digital encryption for safe, no-wifi connectivity across rooms in your home.
  • Voice-activated, power saving mode (VOX mode) which helps save energy and activates from the standby mode automatically whenever it detects a baby crying at night.
  •  2-way talk back
  • 5 lullabies preloaded
  • Supports up to 4 cameras.

MoonBaby can be your next top non wifi baby monitor for you by all standards. 

Another major advantage of MoonBaby monitors is their range of options in terms of bundles based on your requirement for a number of cameras and range.  

3. Bonoch Video Baby Monitor

71 yWsY9etL. AC SL1500

Started recently in 2021, Bonoch has quickly taken over a major share in the Baby monitor market with its quality and customer service.

It is noteworthy that Bonoch launched non wifi baby monitor when Internet connectivity is already the new norm. With privacy breaches being a bigger concern for a lot of parents, Bonoch’s move to create a product to suit this group of parents is commendable.

  • 5″ display
  • PTZ functions
  • 355-Degrees Pan (Horizontal)
  • 115-Degrees Tilt (Vertical)
  • Zoom in to 2X and 4X
  • 1000 ft (304 meters) range
  • Night vision
  • Temperature monitor
  • 2.4 GHz range with no wifi; no worries about wifi glitches and privacy breaches.
  • 22 Hours Battery Life
  • 2-way talk back
  • Connect up to 4 Cameras

Bonoch non wifi Baby monitors have the highest rating by their users with very high customer satisfaction.


These top non wifi baby monitors offer reliable and secure monitoring of your child while they sleep without any doubt of privacy breaching. With a range that covers bigger houses and rooms, they are perfect for parents who want peace of mind when their little ones are asleep.

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