What Age to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

What Age to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, especially by first-time mothers. Here, we are going to answer it in a comprehensive manner.

In fact, there is no hard and fast rule to stop using a baby monitor; it depends largely on the particular circumstances and daily routine of the parents. You may stop using a monitor after your baby reaches 6 months of age.

However, there are some parents, who still want to use a baby monitor even after the kids are 5 years old.

Therefore, in order to understand when it is the best time to stop using a baby monitor, continue reading.

When to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

During some early weeks and months, it is essential to monitor your baby. This relates to those parents who are sleeping in a separate room. Using a monitor gives you the confidence that your baby is safe and sound.

After 6 months, babies usually start to sleep without waking up during the night. At this stage, babies can cry loud enough to draw your attention. Hence, it would be better to stop using baby monitor during the night, once your baby is 6 months old.

This is so, as ditching of a baby monitor will allow you to sleep better and take care of your baby during the day. Furthermore, it will also help your baby to develop better sleeping habits.

Apart from this, you can stop using a baby monitor if your toddler starts to sleep on a regular bed. At this stage, most children learn to walk. Hence, if the toddler is in need of your help, they can come to you.

What Age to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

Why You Should Continue Using a Baby Monitor?

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should continue using a baby monitor.

When the Kid is Facing a Health Issue

Parents prefer to use a baby monitor if their kid suffers from a particular health condition. It allows them to keep an eye on their kids and respond to their needs.

Baby’s Room is at a Distance

If you can’t hear your baby crying from your bedroom, it would be better to use a baby monitor; when you are living in a large house, it is essential to continue using a monitor for the safety of the child.

For Better Sleep Training

Being a parent, you are usually concerned about the sleep habits of your baby. You can monitor when your kid sleeps and how many times the baby wakes up during the night. It allows you to check on why the baby is making a noise.

When the Child Experiences Frequent Nightmares

Kids have nightmares; this suggests that you should stay close to them when they are afraid. This situation may turn out to be terrifying if the child is unable to leave the room and seek your help. If your child experience nightmares, it would be appropriate to use a baby monitor.

Why You Should Stop Using a Baby Monitor

Below are a few reasons why you should think about ditching the monitor.

When Baby Sleeps Next to Your Bedroom

If you can hear a baby crying from the adjacent room, there is no need to use a monitor. Hence, when your child’s voice is loud enough, think about ditching a baby monitor. It would also ensure that your baby is safe from harmful emissions of a monitoring device.

Baby Monitor May Lead to Sleep Disorders

In most cases, parents respond to any sound coming from their baby’s room. Especially when hearing any sound while sleeping, they get up immediately to see if their baby is awake.

Some parents even wake up multiple times to check whether the monitor is working properly. The sleep disturbance thus caused may usually disturb the health of some parents. For instance, they may start feeling anxiety, depression, or develop a sleep disorder.

You may Become Addicted to Watching Through the Monitor

After six months of using a baby monitor, you may become addicted to see your kid through the camera. In fact, you may develop a habit of spying on your kids; you may find yourself watching your kid through a camera every 15 minutes.

This may result in disturbing your work routine or even your sleep patterns. In simple words, it is a similar feeling that you come across when scrolling through your Facebook feed.


No doubt, the ability to check on your baby without leaving your room appears to be quite reassuring. It allows you to monitor the activities of a baby without disturbing their sleep. But what age do you stop using a baby monitor?  If you think that time has arrived when your baby doesn’t require such monitoring, you can ditch your baby monitor.

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