What Color Noise is Best for Baby Sleep

What color noise is best for baby sleep

Wondering what color noise is best for baby sleep? Color noise is something that can even relax adults and chances are you could accidentally discover that your baby falls asleep easier with the help of noise in the background. This isn’t an accident and in fact there is a correlation between the noise and relaxation it provides for both adults and babies.

In this post, we’ll focus on the types of color noises and we’ll help you discover which color noise is best for baby sleep. After reading this post, we believe you’ll have an ace in your pocket that will become a routine way of putting your baby to sleep!

What Color Noise is Best for Baby Sleep?

What color noise is best for baby sleep

One of the most common color noises is the white noise and it’s exactly the one that fits babies and promotes baby sleep the most. White noise is a type of noise that features many frequencies but at an equal intensity.

The reason why babies react and prefer white noise out of all color noises out there goes way back to the time they were in the womb. The white noise replicates the type of noises they hear from inside the womb. Since these noises are the most similar to something they’ve experienced before, it’s something a parent can use to promote sleep.

With babies being used to white noise from the moment they are born, they are naturally drawn to it and have no issues falling asleep with white noise in the background. Some of the most common white noise examples in devices we have around the home include a fan, static on the TV, and a water tap that sounds like rain. Even the hum of an air conditioner, powerful hair dryer, and any other device that produces similar shushing is a great source of white noise.

What is Color Noise and How it Benefits the Baby

Colors of noise refer to a spectrum of noise signals and different signal features with different properties. Each color represents a different set of frequencies and a different intensity.

White noise is the most common color noise since it features a set of frequencies we often find in devices we have at home. Some of the most common devices featuring white noise frequencies include an air conditioner, a fan, and even a hair dryer.

However, there are many other noise colors so you can come across other colors such as green, brown, pink, blue, violet, velvet, grey, and Brownian. While some of these noise colors have a lot of difference between them, others don’t have as much – depending on how close the frequencies are.

One of the most common reasons why noise colors help babies is because noise colors act as a transition from a day full of sounds to a calm, relaxing, and peaceful state ideal for sleep. Another reason is that babies are used to noise colors since they’re in the womb and that’s how they listen to everything that’s going on on the outside.

Is it Okay to Play White Noise All Night for the Baby?

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A great thing about white noise and using it to promote sleep for babies is that there isn’t a defined limit on how long you should use it. Therefore, it’s totally up to you to decide for how long would you like to use white noise, whether you’ll play it all night for the baby, or just for the initial moments before the baby gets into a deep sleep.

Also, some parents decide to stop using white noise when the baby turns 2 years of age, but again, that’s also something that is up to the parents and caregivers. Of course, every baby is different so parents should adjust to the baby’s reaction since there’s no rule set in stone when it comes down to the use of noise colors.

One thing we should also suggest is to experiment with pink noise color. Some parents swear that pink noise is much better than white noise, and this is true for some babies. Babies that are a bit more sensitive tend to stay asleep much better with the help of pink noise, while white noise is still a good way to get the babies to sleep.

Therefore, switching between these two colors at the beginning of the night, just about when the baby falls asleep is a good way to give these noise colors a try.

Do Babies Prefer White or Pink Noise and What’s the Difference?

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Pink noise is the second-best noise color for babies. White noise is the type of noise they’re the most used to. Ever since the babies are born, they become adjusted to the white noise because that’s how they hear and perceive everything that is going on outside of the womb they are in.

However, pink noise is very similar to white noise. In fact, it features similar frequencies but with a reduction in higher frequencies. That’s why some parents swear that babies tend to stay asleep better with pink noise, while white noise remains the best way to promote sleep.

Once a baby is in deep sleep, switching from white to pink noise can help reduce the amount of higher frequencies, providing a steady and even more soothing sound. White noise is the best way to switch from jarring sounds of the day that babies get used to, to help them fall asleep, while pink is ideal for helping them stay asleep.


Did you ever accidentally discover how your baby falls asleep easier or stays asleep much better with the noise in the background?

That’s not an accident and in this post, you can learn the importance of white noise, as well as pink noise, and how to use it. It’s most likely you have devices that omit these noises in your home so we highly recommend giving them a try. There’s nothing you can do wrong and yet you can benefit a lot more in the long run.

So what color noise is best for baby sleep? Which one will you use the most?

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