Where to Mount a Baby Monitor?

Baby monitor on a wall without drilling

Many parents can’t imagine a life without a baby monitor. It’s truly a very convenient and even a life-saving device at times. But do you know where to mount a baby monitor? Closer isn’t always better, especially in this case. Baby monitors shouldn’t be too close.

Have you ever heard of that before? You’re in luck since you’re reading this article, because down below, we’ll show you where to mount a baby monitor and tell you everything you need to know about baby monitors! Of course, we’ll also give you a tip on how to mount a baby monitor to a wall without drilling, so keep reading!

Where to Mount a Baby Monitor?

Where to mount a baby monitor

A great thing about baby monitors is that you can mount them almost anywhere. Of course, except for a couple of places. Baby monitors, just like any other device, have guidelines for best use.

Mounting a baby monitor above the crib or a bassinet is the best way to put your baby monitor to use. However, what many parents struggle with is that they don’t have anywhere to mount the baby monitor. Maybe you didn’t know, but you can mount a baby monitor high on the closest wall or even on the ceiling.

While many parents think that baby monitors should be as close as possible to the baby, that’s not true. An ariel view of your baby is always the best way to see your baby no matter the baby’s position. Of course, even if you don’t have a baby monitor with a video feature, you can still benefit from your baby monitor accurately picking up the noise from the baby’s room.

How Far Away Should a Baby Monitor Be?

How far away should a baby monitor be

We can’t stress enough how important it is not to put the baby monitor as close as possible to the baby. This isn’t necessary and it won’t do any good for the baby and it won’t do any good for you as a parent since you’ll be alerted for every move.

A good rule of thumb, which you’ll also see being recommended by many baby monitor manufacturers, is 6 feet away from the baby. Ideally, you’d want to mount the baby monitor to the closest wall. Some parents even mount it to the ceiling for the best aerial view.

If you are unable to do so, finding a good spot that’s not too close yet not too far from the baby, and that can still provide a full view of the baby is the best location you might find.

Can You Put a Baby Monitor on a Wall Without Drilling?

Baby monitor on a wall without drilling

Whether you’re renting and aren’t allowed to drill into the walls or you don’t have the stud in the ideal spot for the location of the baby monitor – there’s no need to worry. You can mount a baby monitor to a wall, any spot you wish, without ever using a drill.

The great thing about baby monitors is that they’re not too heavy. This means that you can take advantage of various accessories that can help you keep the baby monitor in the position you want. For example, we highly recommend you get the hanging strips. These strips are often made of many different materials, including walls, and they can bridge the gap between the plastic of the baby monitor and the wall.

There are also dozens of such similar accessories if wall strips aren’t your thing, you just need to see what’s available in your area or order some online.

Why Do Baby Monitors Need to Be Minimum 3 Feet Away? Can They Be Closer?

Don’t get us wrong, baby monitors are a super useful and convenient gadget that changes the way we care for our babies. However, placing the baby monitor closer than 3 feet is a big no.

Baby monitors can emit radiation and even though it is an insignificant amount for adults, we still don’t know how it can affect the little ones. While studies are being done after several types of research, it’s best to keep the baby monitor as far as possible from the baby without sacrificing the quality or the viewing angle.

We highly recommend keeping your baby monitor 6 feet away from the baby, and you can keep it even further if you wish. Most modern baby monitors can be placed almost anywhere in the room and still pick up even the slightest sound. Thanks to the technology we have today, you don’t have to worry about missing your kid’s beat, so don’t keep the baby monitor too close.

How Secure is Your Baby Monitor?

How secure is a baby monitor

One thing that’s not something parents like to hear is that not all baby monitors have high-security measures. Instead, they have a standard security measure most Wi-Fi devices rely on. With that being said, there’s a decent security level, but it could be improved, especially considering the purpose of such a monitor.

Baby monitors don’t have an antivirus and anti-malware software integrated, but if your baby monitor ever gets infected, it’s most likely you’ll see symptoms. On the other hand, you’ll have a higher security against hackers, which is good since it’s something you won’t have to worry about too much.

Periodically checking the list of connected devices to the baby monitor is something we highly recommend. If there’s a new device that’s connected to your baby monitor besides your Wi-Fi device, this might be a sign that something is going on.


Mounting a baby monitor isn’t as big of an issue as it is keeping it close to your baby. Therefore, no matter where you place the baby monitor, ensure that you have an unrestricted great view and that it’s not too close to the baby.

If you don’t have a baby monitor that features video, you can also use the same mounting advice without worries if the sound will make it to the baby monitor. With today’s technology, it’s impossible to miss a single sound over the baby monitor, but make sure that you still make a good choice.

Paying for quality is the best way to ensure you don’t have to worry about it later.

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