Which Baby Bjorn Bouncer is Best?

which baby Bjorn bouncer is best

Baby Bjorn bouncers are the topic of conversation and you can hear about it more than a couple of times, but what’s so special about these bouncers, and which Baby Bjorn bouncer is best? Of course, Baby Bjorn bouncers can be pricey for most parents, but the price is justified considering the quality and value it provides.

In this article, we’ll show you everything we know about Baby Bjorn bouncers and tell you more about the Baby Bjorn bouncers that made an impression. We’ll also show you how to choose the best Baby Bjorn bouncer for your little one, so keep on reading!

How to Choose the Best Baby Bjorn Bouncer?

which baby Bjorn bouncer is best

Honestly, choosing a Baby Bjorn bouncer might leave you overwhelmed. Why? All of their bouncers are really really good and yet they have such a great lineup full of models you will have a hard time choosing from.

Therefore, here are a couple of things that can help you make the choosing process a lot simpler:

  • Movement and safety
  • Comfort and durability
  • Entertainment
  • Weight, portability, and finish

Movement and safety are some of the most important aspects to check when inspecting Baby Bjorn bouncers. While most Baby Bjorn bouncers look very similar to each other, there’s a difference between the models, especially in the movement. Safety is always a priority of Baby Bjorn so that shouldn’t be of concern, but since we’re also parents, we know how important it is to check out the safety certificates and overall safety of the baby’s position in the bouncer.

After that, you can focus on the comfort and durability. From our hands-on experience, there’s no uncomfortable Baby Bjorn bouncer, but there are different shapes of the seat so that’s something you should keep an eye on. Durability is super important for parents who might want to keep the bouncer for more than one baby. If that’s something you’re interested in, the good news is that Baby Bjorn bouncers are made to withstand the use for a prolonged period.

Each Baby Bjorn bouncer comes with different entertainment accessories, and some come with none. If you don’t have attachable accessories that can entertain your baby, it’s best to check out models that come with integrated pieces. If that’s not a concern, you can even go for a Baby Bjorn base model where you don’t get any type of entertainment.

Lastly, weight is super important for parents who don’t live in a house but an apartment. Carrying the bouncer and assembling it is something you will have to do and if you live in a smaller place, you might find yourself moving the bouncer around a lot. That’s just one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to pay attention to weight. Besides weight, portability is another factor if you don’t plan on having a set place for the baby bouncer, yet you plan on moving it around per need. And when you feel like you’ve found a Baby Bjorn bouncer for your little one, there’s one more thing you can choose and it’s the finish. Baby Bjorn is known for producing its bouncers in a variety of colors and finishes, so if you’re fashionable and want to match the bouncer with the rest of the baby accessories, you can!

Which Baby Bjorn Bouncer is Best?

choosing a baby Bjorn bouncer

With so many Baby Bjorn bouncers to choose from and the list of things to pay attention to, a simple choice might seem like an overwhelming choice. Luckily, here are our thoughts on some of our favorite Baby Bjorn bouncers. No matter which one of these you go for, you won’t be left disappointed.

Baby Bjorn Balance Soft Bouncer

If you’re looking for an overall model that’s not too expensive and yet that’s going to be soft and comfortable for your baby, many parents decide for the Balance Soft model. This is a bouncer that doesn’t require you to have an infant insert and yet you can adjust it up to 3 different positions.

No matter which position you choose, a baby will always have proper back and head support so you won’t have to worry and keep an eye on your little one at all times. With 3 available positions, this baby bouncer can also act as a chair, as well as a bouncer in one. Whether you want to lay your little one for a nice rest or keep it entertained and seated while you do chores around the home, you can now do both.

When you’re not using this baby bouncer, you can lay it flat to achieve maximum storage efficiency. But on the times when you use it, your baby will love the natural yet fun bouncing motion. Of course, just like any other Baby Bjorn bouncer, this product is also developed in collaboration with pediatricians, so safety is top-notch. The only downside is that there are no entertainment attachments of any kind, and we believe it would be good to see at least one piece, considering the price tag. But other than that, this is the go-to model if you want the best overall Baby Bjorn bouncer.

Baby Bjorn Bliss

When you’re looking for a safe option that looks luxurious and says Baby Bjorn, this might be the baby bouncer you’re looking for. This baby bouncer is made of cotton, it’s safe for use without an infant insert, and yet it has the Oeko Tex certification, as well as JPMA certification and recommendation. Weighing only 5 pounds and featuring a lay-flat design for storage, you won’t have issues with portability either. However, if you need extreme portability, this still might not be the best choice as there are better Baby Bjorn models on the market (more about that later).

With well known Baby Bjorn 3-adjustment position, you can use this baby bouncer as a seat for fun or for resting. If your baby is tired, you can put her in the bouncer to rest, but if your baby is up for play and you have chores to do around the home, this bouncer can keep your baby entertained.

With natural motion and a comfortable position, your baby won’t be looking for a way to get out of this bouncer. Instead, they’ll embrace the comfort and enjoy the motion. The only thing that is missing is the entertainment attachments, but there’s enough space to attach your own. If you don’t have any, keep in mind that Baby Bjorn sells entertainment attachments separately, so for models like this one, you can get them as it’s always a good idea to have some extra entertainment ready for the little ones.

With about 19 finishes, you will easily incorporate the Bliss baby bouncer with the rest of your baby items.

Baby Bjorn 3D Jersey

This baby bouncer is based on the Bliss model but keep in mind it’s built using mostly polyester. This makes it a little bit lighter than other Baby Bjorn models and it’s also one of the easiest models to store. Therefore, we recommend this bouncer for smaller spaces, apartments, and for parents who need a portable bouncer.

Even though it’s made of polyester rather than cotton or any other material we often see being used by Baby Bjorn, this bouncer still passed the Oeko Tex certification, as well as the JPMA certification, achieving a recommendation status.

With 3 well-known adjustment positions, this baby bouncer has a 2-in-1 purpose which helps entertain the baby but also provides much-needed rest throughout the day. What’s the greatest thing about Baby Bjorn bouncers, including this one, is that you won’t need an additional infant insert. Instead, your baby will be safe as this baby bouncer is wisely designed in collaboration with pediatricians.

What we like the most about this specific bouncer is the sleek design that looks comfortable and it fits the Scandinavian vibe. While this baby bouncer fits babies until the age of 2, their design quality ensures that this product can be reused multiple times if needed. Whether you plan on having another baby or decide to resell it, it’ll hold its value

Lastly, the price can seem a bit expensive, but it’s worth the quality, value, and time that went into designing this safe and comfortable bouncer. After all, it’s been designed with experts’ help so you know you’re getting only the best for your little one.

Baby Bjorn Mesh

If you live in tropical locations or anywhere where it gets super hot or humid, getting a mesh-type bouncer from Baby Bjorn is something we highly recommend. This baby bouncer is made by Baby Bjorn and it’s based on their popular Bliss model. However, the material composition is mostly mesh so it makes heat dispensation a lot easier. This itself promotes natural cooling and yet it’s still as comfortable and supportive for the baby’s position.

Even with the mesh design, you won’t need an infant insert and just like all other Baby Bjorn bouncers, this one passed the Oeko Tex certification and is JPMA certified. With the popular Baby Bjorn system, there are 3 adjustment levels so this bouncer can act both as a seated playground and as a comfortable resting spot for the baby.

Moving it around and even storing it is as simple since this bouncer only weighs about 4.6 pounds and there’s a storing position that puts the bouncer flat down to maximize the storage space. Just when you think that Baby Bjorn thought of everything, you’ll notice traits of sleek Scandinavian design even with this mesh bouncer version.

Just because the material is mostly mesh, it doesn’t mean that this bouncer can’t last. It will outlast a couple of generations if needed, as that’s what you can expect from almost any Baby Bjorn on the market, no matter the material they used to make the bouncer.

Baby Bjorn Woven

This is an ergonomic baby bouncer that’s woven and it’s made up to the same Baby Bjorn standards that you can expect to find in any of their bouncers. With the ergonomic design, you won’t need an infant insert and yet the baby can enjoy 3 different positions. This baby bouncer combines both comfort and entertainment, but it’s also a great resting spot since it can serve as a 2-in-1.

With the natural rocking motion, your little one will love the soothing effect, and we noticed that the best thing for parents is being hands-free for a while, even if it’s just to get some chores done around the home.

The light grey cotton design shouldn’t put you away since it’s fairly easy to clean these bouncers. There’s also one thing we noticed is that Baby Bjorn sells fabrics separately so you can always do a makeover for your baby bouncer without breaking the bank. The only thing this bouncer doesn’t include is entertainment, so you’ll have to get these accessories separately. However, the soothing motion of natural rocking should be more than enough for babies to enjoy.

Besides 3 positions, there’s also one position which is for the parents – it’s the storing position. If you plan on moving the baby bouncer around or storing it away, you’ll love the fact that Baby Bjorn made this bouncer weigh only about 5 pounds. Considering the price compared to the quality, this bouncer makes a great investment whether you decide to keep it or resell it afterward.


Baby Bjorn bouncers come directly from Sweden, and Europe and yet they’re well known throughout the world for the quality and comfort of their products. Their baby bouncers might look too simple at first, but the elegant Scandinavian design is followed by high-end quality and comfort for the babies that are achieved with the help of professionals and experts.

Choosing a Baby Bjorn baby bouncer might be a hassle, but now you won’t have to wonder which Baby Bjorn bouncer is best, yet you can easily browse from the ones we’ve had experience with.

Which Baby Bjorn bouncer is your favorite and why?

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